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With his funny comments, crazy stories and a bit of luck, 22-year-old Jordanian content creator Omar Jehad managed to amass over 100,000 followers on Instagram and 220,000 followers on TikTok in about four months. اضافة اعلان

His social media journey was a bit of an accident: “I was in Jordan and it snowed. Suddenly all the electricity went out, electric wires all over the street fell down and I took a video commenting on this as it happened. You can hear my mum in the background telling me to come inside so I don’t get electrocuted,” Jehad recalled.

“This video is trending. I remember many outlets like Al Jazeera contacting me to see if they could claim the video and use it in their reporting. You can say that’s how I got started out, sharing ‘bad luck’ stories, and people loved them,” he continued.

The influencer usually shares stories from their personal life; like comedic situations as an expat living in the United States. Its content includes confessions, relevant topics, jokes, commentary, motivational videos, as well as social and political issues.

According to Jehad, some of his videos, especially those about life abroad, can cause controversy.

“It’s because I would say things they wouldn’t normally hear,” he explained. “I would say ‘you’ll make a lot of money, you’ll have a better lifestyle living in America, but you’ll have to consider a lot of other things like giving up your family or having almost no social life’, and so on. ”

He mentioned one video in particular: “I said something about not knowing if I will raise my children in the United States or in Jordan. I said that here in America a person would have more opportunities, but the community itself has a different set of values ​​and morals than us Arabs.

According to Jehad, his videos are inspired by original and spontaneous ideas.

“Except for motivational videos, of course, and videos where I want to comment on a social issue or videos of a political nature. These need a bit of planning and I write ideas for them, do my research, check my sources, etc. “, did he declare.

“But I usually talk about what’s going on in my head, like, my personality is my content.”

Some of the videos revolve around personal matters, and he shares his own struggles as he feels “everyone is going through the same thing”.

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“I open up because I don’t want my people to feel alone. And not everyone on social media is really happy all the time, even if he can show you that he is. I want to be able to connect with my community.

“I never want to be known as someone who just jokes around, or someone who copies others,” Jehad said.

Jehad is known for the shock value of his videos on local investigations, tinged with politics.

“Some of the stories or investigations that I talk about, when you read them you wouldn’t think they’re real. They’re bizarre and straight out of a horror movie: someone killing his wife or his children for example. It is shocking and I think it is very important that we share these issues and talk about them,” he said. News from Jordan.

Jehad said it usually follows a particular format.

“I make sure to explain what happened, talk about a background, take witness statements, for example, then include what I found out during the research and state my source.”

“I make the video clear, short and direct because I’m not talking about a certain issue for ‘views,'” he added.

These videos allow Jehad to stand out.

“Some other influencers don’t talk about political or social topics, sometimes it’s because they lack knowledge and they don’t want to lose their ads and contracts because they caused controversy,” he said. -he declares.

“Usually heavier topics can create a lot of conflict which can hurt their business. But for me, I don’t really care, I just say what I think. I want to raise awareness, show people what’s going on, and hopefully bring about change.

Addressing his frequent criticism of news outlets, he said: ‘People who come to me for news tell you a lot. I don’t think they are doing their job; these outlets are supposed to cover what’s going on there, but instead I see posts about celebrities working out. Other content creators like me are doing their job.

Making an important distinction, Jehad stressed the importance of “constructive criticism” versus “hate speech or bullying”.

“People need to think if a certain comment they leave on someone’s post is going to help them and benefit them, instead of just leaving a comment that might hurt others.”

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