A political party addresses the elephant in the room

A week after the executive mayor of Joburg, Dr Mpho Phalatse, was ousted in a motion of no confidence, former coalition partner Action SA was one of the parties that voiced some details that led to the downfall of the coalition in the city of Johannesburg.

At a press conference at the City Lodge Hotel in Sandton, Action SA representatives Bongani Baloyi, Michael Beaumont, Funzi Ngobeni and Lerato M-Ngobeni discussed what will most likely happen after the coalition breaks down in Johannesburg from their point of view.

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“I think tensions in any coalition will be a big currency, they will always be there, but members are able to persuade each other and find each other. The question is not to support a party; it’s about maintaining the agreement as a union,” Baloyi said. “The key to running a coalition is what do you do when you’ve lost? Are you creating stability or are you creating a mess? On our side, we have accepted the transfer of power and empowered those who will be in power.

The beginning of the end of the multi-party ruling system began in early September when the majority of members voted a vote of no confidence in coalition president Vasco da Gama, who was backed by the ANC. With a vacancy, Action SA suggested having an IFP spokesperson, which led to a row with other political parties.

“We agreed to have Alex Christians of the AD as the new chairman, but we at the AP did not support that decision. In a meeting organized by the DA, the members proposed to have an IFP candidate,” Ngobeni said.

Colleen Makhubela of Cope was declared the new speaker.

“We hope this will benefit the people more than those in power,” Beaumont said.

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