A third of cities have a new larger political party; Volt, FvD debut in many councils

In a third of the municipalities whose election results are known, another party is now the largest party. This most often happened when the CDA lost the biggest position in the party to a local party, according to the ANP electoral service. Volt, Forum voor Democratie and the party for animals PvdD achieved good results in the municipal elections, making their debut in many municipal councils.

The CDA is the largest party in 37 communes where the results are known. The Christian Democratic Party remained the most important in 31 municipalities but lost this position in 36 municipal councils. In six municipalities, the CDA took first place from another party.

Local parties emerged as the most numerous in at least 225 municipalities. Of these, 132 already held the most seats on the council, and 93 regional parties took over this position from another party – sometimes from another local party. Local parties lost first place in 38 municipalities.

Newcomer Volt did quite well in the elections. According to the results, the party holds seats in Utrecht (3), Eindhoven (2), Amsterdam (2), Zwolle (1), Maastricht (2), Den Bosch (1) and Rotterdam (1).

Volt leader Laurens Dassen called it “fantastic that Volt is drilling locally” and is now represented locally, nationally and in Europe. He said he was proud of the way local teams ran their campaigns. “We now have headquarters in different cities. And we will work very hard for that over the next four years.”

PvdD debuted in Eindhoven (2), Zwolle (2), Maastricht (2), Den Bosch (1), Haarlem (2) and Tilburg (2). The far-right FvD entered the city councils of Leeuwarden (1), Tilburg (1), Haarlem (1), Rotterdam (1), Maastricht (1) and Eindhoven (1). The party lost two seats on the Amsterdam City Council and one remains.

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