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For the publisher:

Whether abortion is good or bad, the subject has no place in politics. But churches and Republicans keep trying to make it a political issue.

It is your right to have the biblical opinion that women should be controlled by men. You have the right to agree with your church’s anti-abortion stance, despite no mention of abortion in the Old or New Testament. You have the right to be moved by the involvement of “kill babies”. However, your beliefs have nothing to do with our government or the Constitution.

The “Right to life” The movement entered politics in the 1970s with televangelist Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority. Abortion shouldn’t have been turned into political football then, and it shouldn’t be now. If the church wants to pull the chords of moral conscience by telling a woman that she will go straight to hell for having an abortion, that is her right.

But it is not for Republicans to exploit an anti-abortion stance just to attract conservative voters or manipulate opinion by implying that the “other” party are murderers. It is not for the government to judge women and refuse a medical procedure. Ultimately, a woman should have the freedom to struggle with her own personal values ​​and life decisions regarding abortion.

Republicans can use the religious issue of abortion to present themselves as being on high moral ground. But spiritual counseling on abortion belongs in the hands of genuine church leaders where it has been in the past.

I think politicians should stick to their job of helping run government and supporting our democracy. And maybe they should spend a little more time doing it, instead of soliciting campaign donations from churches and anti-abortion organizations.

Martha hodges


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