Abortion must be a valid medical decision, not a political issue

Abortion should not be a legal or emotional struggle between a need or a desire. Abortion should be a medical decision between a woman and her medical advisor. It would be a doctor, registered nurse, medical assistant, psychiatrist or psychologist. The most important choice is the one that is not yet available. Many women, including young girls, cannot imagine delivering and caring for a baby, even though they themselves are so young. What is needed is a modern, up-to-date birth and adoption system that is inclusive and accessible to all. A nation-wide safe facility where pregnant women can attend for antenatal care, register for a safe delivery, and adopt their babies for adoption, if they so choose. This would open up American adoption to those who are forced to pay huge fees to baby brokers, or who have to find their country of choice at that time and commit to travel, which is costly and sometimes with results. sad and unexpected. These birth and adoption centers should be run by a combination of charitable and government agencies. The financial and emotional cost would be far less than that of legal battles over abortion rights. This third choice would solve a lot of problems before they even started.

Marty Pine, Boynton Beach

Running and math don’t mix

I was amazed to find out, according to the math education article, that math is now black or white. However, some so-called math teachers now want to add a racial dimension to what is taught in their classrooms. Our country has been torn apart by racial con artists who want to use our youth for political ends. Equity is not equality. It attempts to demand equal results rather than equal opportunity which provides every student with the tools to excel. Once black incarceration rates kick in, as Oklahoma City teacher Telannia Norfar did, math becomes a political issue. Black children are cheated by those who want to make every minority student a victim, instead of showing them that they can overcome any obstacle if they persist in the task and are supported by their parents and teachers. As Martin Luther King said so eloquently, it is the content of his character and not the color of his skin against which he is to be judged.

Jack Fakterowitz, Delray Beach

Moms for Liberty everything except

There’s a new band in town and it’s not as trivial as they want you to believe. Moms for Liberty is a large group of conservative Republicans who think their way is the only way to educate our children. What they are really doing is pushing their ultra-conservative program of disinformation through disruption and confusion. They offer to arm the teachers, remove all true stories from the curriculum, and don’t even mention Critical Race Theory, something they know nothing about.

Empowering parents is a powerful slogan. It is also vague and its political implications are unclear. Funded by Republican Party equity, beware of direction if you want a quality education for your children, strong public schools, and honest and truthful teachings.

Sylvia Whiting, West Palm Beach

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