Americans of all political backgrounds must say no to men in women’s sports and no to corporate identity

Joday, a week and a day after International Women’s Day, begins the NCAA Women’s National Swimming and Diving Event

in Atlanta, Georgia, where a man will compete among female swimmers.

Lia Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, competed for three years on the University of Pennsylvania men’s swim team. Full disclosure: I graduated in 1999 from Carey Law School at the University of Pennsylvania. He started taking testosterone suppressing drugs in 2019 and joined the women’s team in the fall of 2021.

Thomas did
in December 2021, at the Zippy Invitational in Akron, Ohio, winning three events. In two of those events, his times were the fastest in the country. Thomas is described as “destroying” competition and “crushing” school records. To the Ivy League
in February of this year, Thomas broke three women’s swimming records, each held by a real woman. Rather than pointing out the ridiculousness of Thomas’s success, Sports Illustrated ran a

earlier this month, titled “‘I Am Lia’: America’s Dividing Trans Swimmer Tells Her Story.” It purports to be a glowing story about an inspiring young athlete who overcame adversity to earn a rightful place in women’s swimming.

Thomas isn’t the only man to compete in women’s sports. June Eastwood is a male distance runner who was

to compete against women at the University of Montana. Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, both men, were high school athletes who

, under the explicit policy of the Connecticut State Athletic Association, to compete with and against female runners. Lindsay Hecox is a male runner who

for follow-up
the State of Idaho for its law protecting women’s sports. The Connecticut case and the Idaho case are pending in federal court.

The subject of male athletes allowed to compete in women’s sports is important.

consistently shows that people from all political walks of life oppose it. However, this subject is part of a much larger problem: the abolition of biological sex in law and in all of society on the altar of so-called gender identity. Convicted rapists, murderers and baby killers are

in women’s prisons on the basis of their so-called gender identity. The men are

sharing dormitories with fifth-grade girls based on their so-called gender identity. The men are
being naked in the women’s spa section based on their so-called gender identity. The men are
to access women’s public toilets on the basis of their so-called gender identity.

The mainstream media likes to discuss these incidents as belonging to “biologically male people” or “transgender women”, but it is clear that they are all about men. We can all say that.

We are all told that the word “transgender” describes a particular “gender identity”. Here’s the thing: it’s all a lie. Any “transgender”, any “gender identity”, the whole building, is a very arrogant and very naked emperor. It’s time for everyone to say they’re not wearing any clothes.

I address this subject in my
The abolition of sex: how the ‘transgender’ agenda harms women and girls. Simply put, people from all political walks of life have been sold a lie (I use the word “sold” deliberately – there’s a lot of money behind the movement to abolish sex, which I talk about in my book) . It’s been going on for several decades, but the movement really started to gain momentum around 2015, and since then it’s been rolling all aspects of society with astonishing speed.

We are told that the word “transgender” describes a consistent category of human beings who need civil rights protections based on their so-called gender identity. It’s not true. Every human being, including people whose chromosomal makeup differs from the typical XX/XY framework, is either female or male. One might think of the word “transgender” as the 11th hour
said, as a brand campaign or as a business
. Sometimes corporate identity is medicalized through hormones and surgeries. Other times it’s just someone pretending to be the opposite sex. Either way, his goal is to obliterate the material reality of biological sex in the law and in all of society by selling the public the idea that sex is neither real nor binary. Lia Thomas, and the men who compete in women’s sports in general, is a symptom of a far more sinister project.

Another lie the media likes to tell is that opposition to radical gender ideology comes only from Republicans. (The Sports Illustrated The play mentioned above is a prime example of this type of inaccurate framing.) Politically, it is true that congressional Democrats have refused to stand up for women’s rights, choosing instead to disenfranchise women and girls, privacy and security for years. now. The Obama administration began unraveling women’s rights via an executive order in 2016, and the Biden administration picked up the slack.

However, this is not true when it comes to average and ordinary Democrats, many of whom are
about what is happening in society today. I hear every day from rank and file Democrats saying that they will never vote for Democrats again because of what the Democratic leaders are doing here.

In addition, there are a number of explicitly feminist organizations, such as Women’s Declaration International and the Women’s Liberation Front, whose aim is to fight the erosion of the gender-based rights of women and girls and to other forms of gender-based oppression. , including pornography, prostitution and restrictions on abortion. (I served on the WoLF Board of Directors from 2016 to 2020 and am now President of the American Chapter of WDI.) They do so from a radical feminist analysis of the class oppression of women and girls on the basis of gender and I would agree with most Republicans that allowing men who claim to “identify as women” to compete with women is an affront to equal rights that feminists have worked so long to get.

Much of the mainstream media also deceptively uses language designed to confuse us all. Media uses of phrases such as “transgender athlete”, “transgender children” and “transgender prisoner” and gender-wrong pronouns are deliberately designed to manipulate readers into questioning their own sense of what is true. . Don’t let them get away with it. Every time someone uses language that obscures the truth, we are contributing to the lie. Let’s all commit to using language based on material reality instead.

I hope that today people from all political backgrounds will make noise about the importance of women’s sport. Please talk with your friends and family about the parody set in Atlanta. Contact your elected officials and tell them that you oppose it. If you’re not doing anything else today, please listen to the

from the mother of an Ivy League swimmer who faced and lost to Thomas at the Ivy League Championships last month. Hear her talk about what it was like to watch her daughter lose to a man. Share the video.

If people from all political backgrounds step up and say no to men in women’s sport, no to the language of ‘gender identity’ and no to the abolition of sex, we will win.

Kara Dansky is a speaker, writer and consultant who is committed to protecting the rights, privacy and safety of women and girls on the basis of gender in law and throughout society and the author of The abolition of sex: how the “transgender” agenda harms women and girls. She is president of the American section of Women’s Declaration International.

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