Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations against Robert Vadra draw mixed reactions across the political spectrum

Destroying accusations made by Arvind Kejriwal against Robert Vadra over his dealings with major property company DLF, Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal today said leveling allegations had become an “everyday phenomenon”.

“Allegations happen 24/7. It’s a daily occurrence, just like 24/7 TV news channels,” he told reporters in sidelines of a reception here, when asked about charges against Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law.

Kejriwal had alleged that DLF provided an unsecured interest-free loan of Rs 65 crore to Vadra. Both the real estate major and Vadra have denied the allegations.

Lalu denounces Arvind Kejriwal for the “character assassination” of Vadra

RJD leader Lalu Prasad today joined Congress Speaker Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra in accusing Arvind Kejriwal of engaging in ‘personality assassination’ of Priyanka Gandhi and her husband.

“Kerjiwal engages in the assassination of Priyanka Gandhi and her husband Robert Vadra by accusing the latter of amassing enormous wealth through allegedly corrupt means,” he told reporters in response to a question.

It has become a habit for India’s anti-corruption activist to launch sensational and baseless allegations against prominent people for mileage, Prasad said.

Kejriwal should know that the Vadras were wealthy people before they became relatives of the Gandhi family, he added.

AB Bardhan calls for investigation into Kejriwal’s accusations against Robert Vadra

CPI leader AB Bardhan today called for an investigation into the business dealings between Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra, and DLF, saying there were discrepancies between the financial statements reported by Vadra and the major immovable.

“An investigation is needed because the charges brought against Vadra by Indian anti-corruption campaigner Arvind Kejriwal are concrete, heavy and strong,” Bardhan told a news outlet.

press conference here.

Rejecting Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s assertion that an investigation was unnecessary because there were no specific allegations of corruption, Bardhan asked what more was needed to order an investigation.

“Chidambaram gave an excuse that nothing came out. What more will come in the open? Robert Vadra had filed his own financial statements with government authorities. DLF gave its figures. People say there are contradictions because the two (the versions) don’t match,” Bardhan explained.

“All these contradictions show that there is something wrong, so there should be an investigation into the charges,” he added. Yesterday, Chidambaram ruled out any investigation into Vadra’s business dealings with DLF because the government cannot look into private transactions unless there are specific allegations of corruption.

To a pointed question about Congress’ action to defend Vadra on the issue, Bardhan called it “wrong” because Vadra was neither of the Congress party nor part of the central government.

“There is therefore no need to use the ministers of Congress and its machinery for its defense. This is very wrong,” Bardhan said.

Congress spokesman Rashid Alvi said yesterday that the attack on Vadra did not target an individual but the party and its leadership.

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