Big political change! The government will run in Nagaland without opposition


Nagaland, the northeastern state of India, will create a new story. The government will come here without the opposition. Nagaland will be the only state in the country to lead the government without opposition. All parties in Nagaland have decided to run the government together without opposition. All political parties represented in the Nagaland Legislature have finalized the formation of a multi-party government and the ruling party and all opposition parties have joined forces.

The new government will be known as the United Democratic Alliance. It also includes the BJP. In fact, a meeting chaired by CM Nefiu Rio in the capital Kohima unanimously passed a resolution to pass the government without opposition. CM Nefiu Rio tweeted after the ruling and said the Common Democratic Alliance (UDA) has been renamed for the unopposed government in Nagaland. The party leaders and MPs of the NDPP, BJP, NPF and independent MPs made this decision unanimously.

Nagaland government spokesman Neeba Cronu said the MP will write to the assembly speaker to form the UDA in the coming days. Previously, it had been announced that the new government would be called the Joint Government of Nagaland, but in a meeting held on Saturday it was sealed as the Joint Democratic Alliance (UDA).

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