Center keen to solve the Naga political problem: RS MP Kenya

Kohima: KG Kenye, who has just completed his term as Nagaland’s only Rajya Sabha MP, said on Wednesday that the Center is keen to resolve the Naga political issue at the earliest, but the problem is partly with the people as they are divided into several groups with different demands.

Kenye said that as an MP for the state, he had made several attempts in parliament and outside to push for a speedy solution to the Naga political question and for permanent peace in the state and the north. -is.

“The Center wants to solve the problem as soon as possible, but it is partly our Naga people who are at fault because we have too many different groups and we may have different objectives (demands).

“It would have been appropriate if we could first settle the various issues among ourselves and then submit to the Center a single concrete proposal/document encompassing all our aspirations,” the Naga Peoples Front leader said.

Since the Naga groups have not reviewed their documents and submitted them to the Center for its decision, this may take time.

Asked about the Centre’s withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), Kenye said repeal of the act has always been on the cards but despite several attempts, Naga MPs have not never been able to bring the issue to Parliament for discussion.

The Oting massacre by security forces in December last year gave Nagaland MPs their first opportunity to register their protest in Parliament against the draconian law and impress upon the Center that AFSPA has no only created animosity among the people and must be removed, he said. .

Regarding the Center’s recent decision to reduce areas under AFSPA in Nagaland and other northeastern states, Keyne said it was the first time since the law was enacted in 1958 that the Center had shown some response to long-standing public demands.

Although small and small, the Center has opened a very positive chapter and we can see that the Center is yielding to our genuine request, he affirmed.

Regarding the protests by different groups against the partial repeal of AFSPA in Nagaland, Kenye said, “Our people have to learn to take it one step at a time, this kind of work is being done in a step-by-step manner and the process has begun.” .

After tolerating the Fa for so many decades, the Nagas must recognize that change has begun. “It’s a great achievement and a major step towards building more trust,” he said.

Keyne said Naga MPs have made continuous efforts and also requested the Center to enact the Inner Line Permit (ILP) specially in Nagaland. Their request was eventually met by the 9th Amendment of the Citizenship Act, granting the guarantee not only to Nagaland but to other northeastern states.

Kenye had served as the NPF’s General Secretary for three terms and was its General Secretary until he was suspended from the Party for voting in favor of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in January 2020 in Parliament. His suspension was revoked days before he completed his term as a Rajya Sabha MP.

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