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The Constitutional Court from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) considers that the modification of the electoral law of the country is exclusively a political question which must be resolved by the competent authorities and does not interfere in any way in the ongoing negotiations, you saidyesterday the president of this court Mato Tadic.

At a press conference in Sarajevo, Tadic recalled that a verdict was given in 2016 on Bozo Ljubic’s appeal concerning the constitutionality of certain provisions of the electoral law, and that his work for this court was thus completed .

“We took the decision in 2016 and finished with it, and in 2017 we decided that the verdict was not carried out. Everything else is not up to us but a matter of politics”, Tadic Explain.

In this way, he commented on HDZ BiH President Dragan Covic’s earlier claim that elections in BiH could not take place because the Constitutional Court’s 2016 decision had not been implemented, when youhe to research has been declared unconstitutional and the provisions of the electoral law whichdefined the mode of election of representatives in the House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH (FBiH) were repealed, after Bozo Ljubic’s appeal.

Domestic judges of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina have no problem with foreign judges

President of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mato Tadic Noted that this court has no jurisdiction to determine how long foreign judges to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but that the Constitution stipulates that after the first five years, the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PABiH) may pass a law and regulate a matter different from their election.

“We, like other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, listen to these comments and know that some are satisfied and some are not satisfied,” Tadic said. Recount at a press conference in Sarajevo, answering agency Question from Srna regarding the general attitude of the Republika Srpska (RS) public on the political and non-legal action of the Constitutional Court of BiH, as well as on the requests for the departure of foreign judges from BiH.

According to him, national judges of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina “have no problem communicating with foreign judges”, as do the clerk or judicial staff, especially since it is ” experts who have been judges at the European Court of Human Rights”.

Parliament will pass a framework law on property and property

President and Vice Presidents of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mato Tadic, Miodrag Simovic, and Mirsad Ceman believe that issues of ownership and public ownership in BiH should be resolved at the level of the PABiHwho should adopt a framework law on this issue.


Source: BHRT

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