Courts cannot interfere in the internal affairs of a political party: SC

The Supreme Court on Wednesday observed that the courts cannot interfere in the internal affairs of a political party and on June 23 suspended a division order of the Madras High Court preventing the General Council of the AIADMK from amending party rules. The high court clarified that further proceedings regarding the conduct of the general meeting of the party can continue in accordance with the law.

The order came on a petition filed by AIADMK Chief Edappadi K. Palaniswami against the HC order.

The vacation bench consisting of Justices Dinesh Maheswari and Krishna Murari suspended all further proceedings following the dispute over the party’s general council meeting. With the order of the Supreme Court, the meeting planned for July 11 by the Palaniswami camp is about to take place.

“The leadership (of the HC) returns to the court to tell the party how it should function? Can such an ordinance be adopted even at the stage of the final decree, let alone the provisional stage? asked the bench.

“It may be specified that although the meeting of 23.06.2022 has already taken place, given the new steps or procedures initiated or likely to be initiated pursuant to the contested order and pursuant to the observations or instructions therein made, and in light of the issues raised in these motions, it appears necessary and expedient that enforcement of the impugned order be stayed until further order of this court,” the seat said in its order.

The Supreme Court further clarified that the July 11 meeting could continue as scheduled. “As for the meeting of the General Council scheduled for 11.07.2022, it may take place in accordance with the law and in this relationship.” The court also said that O. Panneerselvam and his supporters can challenge it before a single judge at the Madras High Court. The OPS faction had already filed a motion before the single judge bench and it is to be resumed for hearing on Thursday.

According to AIADMK sources, the invitation for the July 11 meeting sent to members stated that “if meetings of the Executive Committee and General Council cannot be held with the physical presence of members due to Corona restrictions , then the meetings will be held by videoconference.”

Additionally, the draft resolutions leaked to the media contain a specific resolution on unitary leadership of the party and handing over to Palaniswami. The agenda sent by members of the office of headquarters on Tuesday to members of the general council, indicates that the general council will discuss the creation of the post of acting general secretary and the election of a party official for the post. . The agenda further indicates that the GC meeting will make an announcement on the election to be held for the position of General Secretary.

Meanwhile, VK Sasikala, popularly known as Chinnamma among her followers, still claims to be the General Secretary of AIADMK. To a specific question from a scribe about when she will join Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam from her nephew TTV Dhinakaran, she replied saying, “I am the general secretary of AIADMK.” Sasikala and her nephew Dhinakaran are still waiting to enter the party.

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