COVID vaccine skeptics political party wins parliament seats in Austria



A newly formed political party opposed to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 won seats in the regional parliament in Austria.

Vaccination against COVID would be compulsory for sectors of the Austrian population, with job seekers at risk of losing their benefits.

The Menschen Freiheit Grundrechte (MFG) or the fundamental rights of human liberty movement, which was created in February 2021, is against mandatory coronavirus restrictions and has also questioned the decision on mandatory COVID vaccination.

In the Upper Austria regional elections held on September 26, the party “won over 6% of the vote”, giving the MFG three seats in the Upper Austrian parliament.

Political parties need at least four percent of the vote to gain seats in the parliament of the Land of Upper Austria.

The MFG’s victory was widely greeted with surprise, given that the party is relatively new and had no prior representation in parliament.

Speaking on the election results, Joachim Aigner, MFG’s top candidate who is also a tax advisor, expressed his gratitude to party supporters and all members.

For his part, Michael Brunner, chairman of the party, said that the election result shows that the Austrian people want change.

“The brilliant result of the elections and the entry of the MFG into the parliament of the Land of Upper Austria should clearly be understood as a sign and a strong word from the Austrian population calling for total change: we will no longer tolerate it! We are ready to defend and restore the rule of law and democracy! Brunner was quoted as saying.

The party has established links with voters in local communities through physical visits, as well as through the use of social media platforms.

At the heart of the MFG’s message is its opposition to the Austrian government’s vaccination campaign and new restrictions that require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and other indoor spaces.

Although the party has officially declared that it is not against the vaccine, MFG insists that information about the vaccine must be made available to the public and that people must have the freedom to choose whether to receive or not the vaccine.

“The government’s measures in the Corona crisis are directed in constant repetition against democracy as well as freedom and fundamental rights. The one-sided orientation towards a virus has caused massive health, social, educational and economic damage, mainly among the weakest in society ”, the information on its website reads.

“The political spectrum in Austria lacks a balancing force, which advocates democracy and fundamental rights, relentlessly promotes scientific discourse and the right to freedom of expression. That is why we founded this movement as a party in order to be able to form a force against excessive, damaging, unilateral, illegal and scientific offensive measures.

“We are the party that takes power back from the people and hands it over to the people. “

Meanwhile, with a population of nine million people, Austria confirmed more than 730,000 cases, including nearly 11,000 deaths and more than 700,000 recoveries have been recorded.


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