Election day is tense for a couple at opposite ends of the political spectrum: “We’re just … okay not okay”


At a time when politics has never been more divisive, Dan Anderson and Jennifer Kosharsky are learning how to make it work.

Anderson and Kosharsky, who are engaged, are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Anderson voted for President Donald Trump on Tuesday, while Kosharsky voted for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Kosharsky voted in favor of the proposed fair tax amendment, while Anderson voted no.

Anderson, 51, believes Trump’s first term as president has gone well. He cited the country’s economy as an example of why he thinks this is true, saying it “is doing much better than before”.

While Anderson blamed Democrats for making the country “very divided” over the past four years and expressed support for Trump, Kosharsky, 46, stood by his side, shaking his head in disagreement.

“It’s appalling,” Kosharsky said. “I don’t know how anyone can be a Trump supporter, he’s the worst president ever, he’s just a horrible person.”

Kosharsky said she was not against the Republican vote, however, “Trump was out of the question.”

Their political differences have been hard on their relationship. Politics was a frequent conversation before the election.

But overall, they said they had a wonderful relationship.

“We’re just… okay with disagreeing,” Anderson said.

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