Every political issue he weighed in on

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters made headlines this week when he weighed in on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Taiwan’s political status.

The 78-year-old musician also called Joe Biden a war criminal during an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

“He’s fueling the fire in Ukraine, for starters,” the rocker said, adding, “It’s a huge crime. Why isn’t the United States of America encouraging [Volodymyr] Zelensky, [Ukraine’s] President, to negotiate, obviating the necessity of this horrible, horrible war? »

Waters went on to tell Smerconish that he should “try to figure out what the United States would do if the Chinese put nuclear missiles in Mexico or Canada.”

Smerconish chimed in, saying “the Chinese are too busy encircling Taiwan as we speak.”

This prompted Waters to respond, “They’re not encircling Taiwan!” Taiwan is part of China. And that’s been absolutely accepted by the entire international community since 1948 and if you don’t know that, you’re not reading enough. Go read about it.”

Waters is best known for being a member of Pink Floyd, but in addition to his musical career, the guitarist has long been an activist and a strong supporter of a number of causes including Israel and Palestine. He has also been quick to criticize politicians he disagrees with, including Brazilians Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump.

Roger Waters has been a strong supporter of a number of causes such as Israel and Palestine, as well as a critic of politicians he disagrees with, such as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump. Above, Waters walks the red carpet ahead of the screening of “Roger Waters Us + Them” during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 6, 2019 in Venice.
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Israelo-Palestinian conflict

In 2021, Waters condemned Israel for the evictions of Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, but he spoke about the conflict for many years.

Last year he tweeted a video addressing Joe Biden and defining Israel as “an apartheid state”.

In 2011 Waters wrote a play for The Guardian oppose the Israeli barrier in the West Bank.

Millennium Promise

Waters has been a spokesperson for Millennium Promise, a nonprofit fighting poverty and malaria, since 2007.

“The basic idea is to tackle all the things that cause extreme poverty in both simple and cost-effective ways,” Rogers wrote in a 2007 CNN op-ed about the initiative.


The English rocker was a vocal opponent of Brexit, and when the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, he said rolling stone“I thought we were better than that. I was wrong.”

donald trump

Waters criticized Donald Trump and condemned the former president’s plans to build a wall on the Mexico-US border.

But before that can happen, there will first have to be a wake-up call against these far-right policies,” Waters told Agence France-Presse in 2017. “The sewers are clogged with greedy men and mighty as I speak to you.”

Jair Bolsonaro

Waters has also criticized Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, and in 2018, while running for office, the musician included the politician’s name in a list of “neo-fascists” during a concert in Sao Paulo.

According The Guardianthe on-screen message at the concert read, “Neo-fascism is on the rise,” and it also included the names of Trump, Nigel Farage, Viktor Orban and Marine Le Pen.

Julian Assange

Waters attends a rally outside the Home Office in London calling for the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2019.

Jeremy Corbyn

The musician is also a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the British Labor Party.

In 2019, he signed an open letter – along with a host of other celebrities – ahead of a general election calling Corbyn a ‘lifelong committed anti-racist’ and saying that ‘no political party or political leader has done more to fight versus [antisemitism] than Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party.”

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