Fate of Naga political issue in our hands, says NSCN-IM Chairman

Kohima: NSCN-IM Chairman Q Tuccu claimed on Monday that the fate of the Naga political issue is in the hands of the group.

Speaking at the group’s 43rd Awakening Day celebration at the Hebron Camp, Tuccu said, “Let me say very loud and clear that the political fate of Naga is in the hands of the NSCN.

He told executives they shouldn’t be “caught napping”, advising them to keep standing up for their rights.

“Our historical and political rights are clear to the world. For the legitimate rights that we have protected, the NSCN was successful in getting Nagalim admitted into the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) as a bona fide member,” he said.

The current situation demands that the group remain strong and committed. He said the group was again being tested by the Government of India (GoI) using its mighty military to apply “outrageous violence” under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) against innocent Naga civilians.

The December 4-5 killings in Mon by security forces, he said, were a painful incident in the history of Naga political struggle. “We stand with the Oting and Konyak people and together we will fight for justice,” he added.

He said that 24 years ago the Center officially signed the second Indo-Naga
ceasefire with NSCN-IM, the “sole legitimate political organization at the head of the Naga political movement”, and the subsequent Indo-Naga political dialogue is still ongoing.

The President said the historic framework agreement of August 3, 2015 with the GoI is directly overseen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the political significance of the agreement is that the two parties reached an agreement to establish a new relationship for the peaceful coexistence of the two entities on the basis of shared sovereignty.

“This is the only key to an honorable and acceptable solution for a lasting peace. The NSCN is totally against imposed economic packages or political packages as these fall far short of giving the Nagas the lasting solution. We have filed to reiterate our position that the Nagas will abide by the principles of the Framework Agreement. There is no other way and we will remain cautious to stand firm with the Framework Agreement,” he added.

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