Gerindra is the largest political party … on Twitter – Politics

Yvette Tanamal (The Jakarta Post)


Jakarta ●
Mon 6 Jun 2022

In early November 2021, Twitter user Bang Mieh (@rusyadimie) proudly filmed and tweeted a pair of flip flops he received through the official account of the country’s third largest political party, the Gerindra Party (@Gerindra).

It started when @rusyadimie replied to a message from Gerindra, saying the straps on one of his flip flops had broken and he was having trouble getting a new pair. The party responded and after a few back and forths received a brand new pair of flip flops at home, courtesy of the @Gerindra administrator.

Bang Mieh, a 34-year-old sales and marketing employee, said Jakarta Post that he was not particularly interested in politics nor was he a supporter of Gerindra. He just saw a joke posted by @Gerindra who popped up on his timeline and found it fun enough to follow the narrative.

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