Getting vaccinated against COVID has “become a political issue”


Many people are concerned that the government will force them to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but it’s starting to be more likely that your employer will need a vaccine, especially if you work in the healthcare industry.

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“Many healthcare companies and universities are going to start requiring that all their employees receive the COVID vaccine,” said Dr. Gordon Cohen, Mercer Island MD. “And what’s interesting is that it seems to be happening on a regional basis, so employees can’t run from one institution to another – one where they have to go to another where they don’t. don’t have to get it. “

“What disappoints me more than anything, and we’ve talked about this a number of times, is that it’s not a political issue. It shouldn’t be a political issue. But it has become a political issue, ”Cohen added.

There were concerns about how quickly the vaccine was launched, but as Dr Cohen explains, although mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine, the platform on which it was built is not news.

“A lot of people think that the vaccine can actually alter your DNA and that this is a new type of vaccine,” Dr. Cohen said. “Now here’s the problem: mRNA vaccines, messenger RNA vaccines, they actually teach our cells, our own cells, to make a protein or even just a piece of a protein that triggers an immune response inside our body.

“Well, guess what the virus does when it enters your body? The virus takes hold of our cells to make proteins that replicate, ”he continued. “And in this case, we just take a small piece of that messenger and make it create a small piece of protein, enough for it to stimulate an immune response.” People say, “Well, that can still damage your DNA.” No, it can’t. Messenger RNA is far from DNA. It actually works in another part of the cell.

Dr. Cohen also points out that in the history of the United States, we have used different types of vaccines that we have not even thought about.

“For example, one of the most common vaccines that are still given to children is what is called a live attenuated virus. So we take the virus and we weaken it, ”Cohen said. “And it’s like measles, mumps, rubella – the MRR that we get as a kid – chickenpox, which is for chickenpox. And even the flu nasal spray.

“So we are giving people the real virus. When we make the mRNA vaccine, we don’t, ”he added. “For polio and hepatitis A, we use an inactivated and killed virus. So we take the real polio virus, the real hepatitis A virus and we kill it, so to speak. But we always give it to the patient.

Vaccines against viruses that create toxins, like diphtheria or tetanus, use the actual toxin that is produced, Cohen explains, and it is inactivated and then given to the patient to develop an antibody against it.

“So we’ve actually used much more harmful things throughout the history of time and then we still use them to create vaccines,” Dr. Cohen said. “And yet, which is really a very, very secure platform – a technology that simply uses a tiny piece of mRNA wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle to induce an antibody response to just the spike protein, just a tiny bit. virus – created all this uproar, and it is not justified.

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