GMC will not support any political party in the December election – Mai Fatty –


Mai Ahmed Fatty The leader of the Gambian Moral Congress (GMC) declared his candidacy for the presidential election on December 4, insisting that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has no right to dissuade GMC from participating in the next elections.

He made the statement at his home in Kotu, where the head of the GMC announced that the party would not support any political party in the presidential race.

“Today, given the state of the country and confident in our ability to meet the urgent challenges facing our country, I have the great privilege and honor to declare that I will be a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of The Gambia, as the standard bearer of the Moral Congress of The Gambia.

For the first time in the history of our party, the GMC is presenting a candidate, ”he declared.

The statement came days after the party won its case against the Independent Election Commission over the rejection of Mr Fatty’s nomination for the December 4 election.

He stressed that GMC is a party registered to stand for election but not on the contrary to become the second fiddle of a political party.

Speaking on the CIS decision to appeal the High Court ruling which allowed him to challenge, he said the Independent Election Commission is not a country in its own right but rather acts under the constitution of The Gambia.

He claimed the commission had no right to dissuade him from running for office, which is why the court ruled in his favor, adding that GMC will launch its campaign effectively even if it does so in one day.

“As President of The Gambia, In Shaa Allah, I will ensure that public policies strive to balance the objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and equity in order to ensure a strategy of growth and development largely focused on poverty reduction. The dividend will be distributed evenly among all demographic segments, ”revealed Mai Ahmed Fatty in the government’s GMC plans.

He added, “Our aim is to realize the guiding principle of state policies encapsulated in Chapter 20 of our constitution, namely wealth creation, job generation, poverty reduction, elimination. corruption and the general orientation of values.

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