Himanta Biswa Sarma is of the view that Congress will not remain a major political party by 2026; ‘limit’

A day after Congress witnessed a major setback in five states that went to the Assembly polls, Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday took a dig at the big old party and said the party would be reduced to a small geographical area by 2026 According to ANI, Sarma said, “I think the Congress would not remain a big political party by 2026. It would be reduced to a party political district or to a party limited to a small geographical area”.

Himanta Biswa Sarma: “I think Congress will not remain a major political party by 2026”

Notably, the Congress failed to win a single state out of the five states, as the party failed to even retain power in Punjab. Striking further in Congress, Assam’s chief minister said the party had been dismissed as an alternative party to the BJP and had lost its all-India presence.

The former Congressman, who joined the BJP in 2016, said: “Congress had their government in Punjab slipping away from them. Congress also could not come back to power in Uttarakhand where there is a culture policy that the government keeps changing every five years Congress performed poorly in Manipur and Goa compared to its previous elections People rejected Congress as an alternative to BJP Congress became like a small regional party after this election. They no longer have pan-Indian presence. They no longer have appeal across castes and communities. The party has now been restricted to a regional party level.

Hailing the performance of the BJP in the recently concluded assembly elections in which the party returned to power in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur with a clear majority and became the largest party in Goa, Sarma said the party would also win the polls which will also take place this year.

He said: “The BJP’s return to power consecutively in all four states is a record in itself. The election results reflect the confidence that the people of India have in Prime Minister Modi. The BJP will continue to record victories in all the upcoming elections.” The people have rejected the caste political parties. The people began to vote on the basis of development. He added that the country has rejected all dynastic parties.

Speaking about the formation of government in Manipur where the party won 32 seats in the 60-member assembly, Sarma said the party’s parliamentary council would take a decision on the matter. “The NPF extended its support to the BJP and sent the letter of support to the governor. Further decisions on the formation of the government would be taken by the parliamentary council of the party.”

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