How effective are social movements in effecting political change?

Lester Kiewit is joined by guests from Rivonia Circle and Movement4Care to discuss the rise of apolitical social movements.

– Do social movements have the power to effect political change?

– CapeTalk’s Lester Kiewit leads a conversation on the rise of apolitical social movements

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The time has come to redefine what politics means in South Africa.

That’s according to new think tank Rivonia Circle.

Tessa Dooms from the Knowledge Center and Axolile Notywala from Movement4Care joined Lester Kiewit from CapeTalk to talk about the rise of apolitical social movements in South Africa.

Politics is more than formal, institutionalized processes.

Tessa Dooms, director – Rivonia Circule

When we say politics, we mean the power of everyone to act in their own name and in the name of their own community.

Tessa Dooms, Director – Circle of Rivonia

Dooms says there is a misconception that to be valid and legitimate, politics must be institutionalized.

Power, she says, is everywhere.

Our ability to change society can come from anywhere in society.

Tessa Dooms, Director – Circle of Rivonia

The question we need to start asking as individuals and as a country is how do we start to engage that power, says Dooms.

Also joining the conversation is political activist Axolile Notywala, one of the members of Movement4Care.

The organization has as one of its principles the idea of ​​radical municipalism.

This is where we try to bring politics back to the people…because the people closest to government are at the local level.

Axolile Notywala, Member – Movement for Care

Notywala says the suggestion that social movements could be apolitical is not one he agrees with.

These social movements for social justice are not apolitical. Everything you do is political.

Axolile Notywala, Member – Movement for Care

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