In Nagaland, anti-corruption group forms political party


Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation was formed in 2013 to protest “multiple impositions” by extremist groups

Members of a group that had opposed the “multiple taxes” of extremist groups such as the Nagaland National Socialist Council (NSCN) factions formed a political party.

The Rising People’s Party (RPP) was registered with the Election Commission of India on June 7.

Its president is Joel Naga, one of the founding members of Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT) which had “done the impossible” in 2013 by organizing a mass movement against the “taxes” imposed by at least half a dozen extremist groups.

The group had also taken charge of falsifying fuel and stealing appointments from state government departments.

No woman in the Assembly

One of the goals of the RPP is to ensure that a woman enters the assembly. Nagaland had only one female MP in Rano Shaiza (1977-1980) but has yet to elect one to the 60-member House.

“Our fundamental goal is to change the system. But you can do it by entering the system because shouting and protesting from the outside doesn’t change anything, ”Naga told reporters.

He said his party would be “realistic” about its prospects given the performance of two new political parties – Assam Jatiya Parishad and Raijor Dal – which fell short of the pre-election hype.

The RPP had more time to work among the masses to change a system that had long been dictated by the power of money, Naga said.

Assembly elections are scheduled for Nagaland by February 2023.

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