It’s time for everyone to realize the realities on the ground: NPF on the political issue Naga | MorungExpress

DIMAPUR, MAY 24 (MExN): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) today said it was time for “everyone to wake up to the realities on the ground” on the Naga political issue.

A press release from NPF Chairman Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu said the party would continue to “appeal to the conscience of our national workers to understand the common interest of our people in resolving this matter amicably which, in our opinion, will be in the interest of the whole country as well.

Explaining the political position of the NPF, Dr Shürhozelie said that “the only viable and oldest regional political party for the Nagas in the North East, has stood firm on its same political position since its inception 59 years ago”.

“Since the beginning of the troubled days in the 1950s, many people have treated this problem as a public order problem and various methods to suppress the movement have been tried by different agencies and the Naga people have lived through it with miseries. unspeakable,” he said.

The NPF chairman noted that when the 16-point memorandum was signed by the Indian government with the group that was playing the role of mediator, “leaving aside the main conflicting group for which the agreement was proposed”, the 16-point memorandum “completely failed to stop the bloodshed, but it brought more bloodshed to the country.

Meanwhile, he said the NPF had been formed to give a “new direction to the problem for its solution”. The party proclaimed that “the problem in Nagaland is not a public order problem but it is a political problem and a human problem and, therefore, it requires a political and human approach for its solution”.

With this in mind, Dr Shürhozelie said that “the pioneers chose the Latin word ‘Fide non Armis’ (Faith, not arms) as the motto of this party”. Today we have seen that our leaders have baptized these very words as his motto with foresight and much wisdom, he noted. “We are proud to have inherited such a noble position and therefore we must all understand this commitment and strive to work tirelessly until the goal is achieved,” he added. .

The NPF Chairman said that times continue to change but the naga political issue will remain the same until it is amicably resolved with an honourable, acceptable and inclusive political solution.

“This political party does not and will not take sides with any particular group, but will maintain good understanding with all conflicting groups by telling them the truth. The Nagas must blame us for the mess we’ve encountered so far. It is high time that everyone became aware of the realities on the ground,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Naga People’s Front (NPF) working committee also reiterated that the Naga political solution should be “honourable, acceptable and inclusive”. The NPF Working Committee, in its meeting held at the NPF Central Office, Kohima, on May 24, resolved: “The Party is of the view that any solution to be found as a result of the political negotiation in course must be seriously considered before making a final form, as past deals and agreements did not produce the desired result, which ultimately led to more divisions among the Nagas rather than bringing the Nagas together.

The meeting also resolved to reorganize and re-strengthen the Party at all levels. Meanwhile, the meeting called on all NPF supporters to come forward and join in party activities “to bring the Naga people forward as the Naga are going through a very critical phase in the political movement.”

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