Lawmakers from all political walks of life react to Biden’s State of the Union

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds deliver the GOP response at the State of the Union, President Biden said, and Democrats ‘sent us back in time to the late ’70s and early ’80s’ with reminders of runaway inflation, violent crime and a time when “the Soviet army was trying to redraw the map of the world.”

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The big picture: Reynolds’ speech, reflecting the themes Republicans will campaign on as they seek to regain control of Congress midterm, was just one of many responses to Biden’s speech.

What they say : Reynolds said Republicans were leading a ‘pro-parenting, pro-family revolution’ as Republicans parents bill of rights campaign and fight for take control of school boards.

  • “They have the right to know and have a say in what their children are taught.”

  • Tlaib centered her speech on Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan, though she acknowledged he was “stuck” in the Senate.

  • “Mr. President, the work is unfinished. But we are ready to relaunch our efforts,” she said, while praising parts of her program that have passed.

Gottheimer and Fitzpatrick took note of the scarcity of a bipartisan State of the Union response. “It’s not something you see very often,” Fitzpatrick said.

  • Gottheimer said lawmakers should try to compromise on policy and get “80% of something, rather than 100% of nothing.”

  • Allred said the Black Caucus is “committed to implementing the President’s agenda,” specifically Build Back Better. “We call on the Senate to take up this bill and lay it on President Biden’s desk for him to sign into law.”

  • Greene called his response “the real state of the union. The state of the union that the media is trying to hide from you. Joe Biden’s state of America,” taking aim at the “authoritarian Democratic policies of stopping the pandemic”.

  • On Ukraine, Greene criticized Biden for send troops to Eastern Europe to “defend another country’s border”, accusing “war hawks, globalist elites and neo-conservatives” of “beating the drums of war”.

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