Leader: Pangu is a “dead” political party

OPPOSITION and PNG party leader Belden Namah described the ruling Pangu Pati as a “dead” political party.

Addressing a large gathering in Jiwaka province on Wednesday afternoon, he said Pangu was already dead and buried.

“My people in Jiwaka, we live in this country more than 46 years after independence as a country and no major changes are still taking shape,” Mr. Namah said.

He said Pangu means “Papua and New Guinea United” and was formed by the late Sir Michael Somare before independence to unite the two regions.

He said the two regions are now united and independent as one country, so the Pangu Pati is irrelevant to his PNG party, which is for the country.

“Now Papua and New Guinea are already united and they are PNG and I want to tell you that Pangu Pati is a dead party,” he said.

Mr. Namah said many people are still living in poverty because of bad leadership and people will still not see changes if there is not good leadership.

He said his people of Vanimo-Green had faith in him, so they elected him to three consecutive terms and he will retain his seat.

Mr Namah said he was in opposition and fighting hard for the country because he had not seen a good prime minister or a combination of ministers who will help change the country.

He said many leaders want to line their pockets.

He said the country’s economy was not in a good position, with the prices of goods and services rising, which he said dates back to former Prime Minister, the late Sir William Skate.

Mr Namah said former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had borrowed billions and current Prime Minister James Marape had done the same, pushing PNG’s debt to unprecedented levels.

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