Leaders from across the political spectrum release consensus recommendations to reinvent care for the elderly

Convergence Dialogue on Reimagining Care for Older Adults produces concrete solutions to improve the quality of life of America’s older adults through more comprehensive care and a greater range of options.

WASHINGTON, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a new report, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution published the recommendations of its Convergence dialogue on reinventing care for the elderly. The report offers consensus solutions produced by leaders and experts who participated from all political backgrounds in a multi-stage meeting. These unlikely allies are proposing changes to America’s health care systems that reflect the unique needs and realities of aging adults today and tomorrow.

“Everyone deserves to age in safety and dignity, but our current systems of care are woefully inadequate to meet the contemporary realities of this stage of life,” said Convergence CEO. David Eisner. “With these recommendations, leaders have created a concrete path toward achieving a system of care that works for America’s older adults.”

Recommendations from the report’s findings focus on three main areas for improvement:

  • Care parameters: Create a constellation of care settings with adaptable and viable business models, so that preferred options are available as people age.
  • Caregivers: Ensure that there are enough qualified direct and family caregivers to provide the necessary care and support.
  • Funding: Adequately fund the care system, with payment systems and other features aligned with the reality of aging.

“The recommendations in this report are not just a concrete plan to improve the lives of older people,” said Stuart M. ButlerSenior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and member of the Convergence dialogue on reinventing care for the elderly crew. “They are also the result of genuine collaboration between people who have come to this process with widely divergent interests and indicate which ideas for reform can garner broad support.”

Convergence served as a neutral third-party convener for the Convergence dialogue on reinventing care for the elderly project – the last of his flagship dialogues. Convergence dialogs are inclusive and collaborative processes, informed by social science, in which diverse groups of leaders come together to find common ground, build trust, develop consensual solutions and move forward in unlikely alliances to achieve constructive change on insoluble questions. Convergence’s proven methodology includes five phases: selecting a mature and acceptable question, convening a diverse table of divided leaders and stakeholders, facilitating the establishment of trust across divisions, generating consensus recommendations, and implemented on the ground, with the goal of societal impact by inspiring collaboration on conflict.

The Convergence Dialogue on Reinventing Aged Care is proudly supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation and The SCAN Foundation. To learn more about the Dialogue and to read the document that summarizes the findings of the evaluation period and provides the framework around which the Dialogue was formed, please visit the project webpage.

About the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

Convergence is the leading organization that bridges differences to solve critical national issues. For more than a decade, Convergence has facilitated nonpartisan collaborations between leaders with tense differences based on political, ideological, sectoral, identity and other factors to produce solutions that create meaningful change in the lives of millions of Americans. . For more information, visit convergencepolicy.org.

About the John A. Hartford Foundation

The John A. Hartford Foundation, based in New York City, is a private, nonpartisan, national philanthropy dedicated to improving care for the elderly. A leader in the field of aging and health, the Foundation has three priorities: to create age-friendly health systems, to support family caregivers and to improve serious illnesses and end-of-life care. For more information, visit johnahartford.org and follow @johnahartford.

About the SCAN Foundation

Supported by a grant from the SCAN Foundation – advancing a coordinated, easily navigable system of high-quality services for older adults that maintain dignity and independence. For more information, visit www.TheSCANFoundation.org

SOURCE Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

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