Maimane will launch a new political party

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane will return to the ballots for the first time since he left the party in 2019. He will run as a candidate for a political party that has no not yet named.


When Maimane left the DA, he created One South Africa Movement (OSA) – a movement that seeks to reform the electoral system in the country by empowering local independent candidates.

During the 2021 local elections, Maimane and OSA trained, endorsed and campaigned for independent candidates and community structures across South Africa. According to the organization, 750,000 votes were cast for the independent candidates, which saw more than 150 of them elected.

However, the OSA believes parliament will pass a law that will make it “very difficult” for independents to participate in elections. Therefore, Maimane will launch a political vehicle – as he calls it – that will appear on the ballot for the 2024 general election as an umbrella body.

The new political vehicle will be launched on Heritage Day, September 24, in Naledi, Soweto. Maimane said he will stand for election under this authority and seek out the best candidates from the communities to stand with him in the elections.

Mudzuli Rahkhivhane, spokesperson for OSA, said the movement will remain an NGO advocating for overhaul of the electoral system to a constituency-based system where independent candidates and political parties contest elections on an equal footing.


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