“My manifesto for political change”

For all those “bluer than blue” characters stuck in their watertight toilets, who like to take personal snipes rather than tackle the real issues raised, here is my manifesto for political change.

First, the whole rotten edifice of the political system itself. Nothing can ultimately change until we remove the first-past-the-post system and replace it with a proportional system, preferably the single transferable vote, for all elections.

The House of Lords must be replaced by a fully elected Senate, with no trace of hereditary or partisan political appointments.

Then a real regional government with elected assemblies. Here in the South West it would consist of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall headquartered in Exeter. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should be encouraged to find their own path, whether that be independence or a strong federal relationship.

The monarchy is a dated institution with little or no relevance in a 21st century democracy. After the Queen’s passing, we should develop a citizen-led republic and let the Commonwealth countries evolve into fully self-governing countries with elected heads of state. People can still enjoy the latest games with or without a republic!

Political parties. The conservative Party. Born at the beginning of the 19th century to represent landowners and the landed aristocracy. Essentially values ​​of class, privilege, greed and a loosely regulated free market economy. The Conservatives have been in power for 12 years now – too long! Many of us do not want to see another period of Conservative government! Liz Truss announces an inflationary disaster. She scares me !

Work. Nothing like it should be under Keir Starmer. Wrongly on electoral reform despite the stance of its own members and out of touch with reality in rejecting post-election deals with the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, given the likelihood of a hung parliament. Totally wrong to demand that his shadow cabinet colleagues not go to the RMT picket lines.

Liberal Democrats and Greens. Both parties have good ideas, but are held back by right-wing media and press and an electoral system in the Ark. However, the Liberal Democrats should be bolder on the renationalisation of rail and water companies and the Greens are checking the realism of German. Green vegetables. Both parties should insist on fair media coverage. For example, Question Time has become a joke for two.

Water. A national pipeline system must be built to transfer water to dangerously low reservoir regions during future droughts, as the national network and of course the water companies must be nationalized.

Energy. The Liberal Democrats are right. Ditch the price cap and pay for it with a one-off £20billion tax on the obscene profits of energy companies. Global warming requires a true cross-party national action group to meet the 2050 carbon emissions target.

I hope my “red under the bed” manifesto can generate meaningful debate. If the “real blues” can’t respond positively, they have to go back to their toilets and ask their friends to press the trash buttons.

Richard Denton-White
Windmill Lane, Charminster

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