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Dimapur, September 16 (MExN): The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has drawn the attention of the Prime Minister of India to the undue delay of the Naga political solution, even after three years since the political process of negotiations between the NSCN (IM) and the working committee , the Naga National Political Groups with the Government of India were declared complete on 31 October 2019.

In a representation submitted through the Governor of Nagaland on September 16, the NTC recalled its first meeting with the Prime Minister in 2017, when he pressured him to invite WC, NNPG to the negotiating table, and the procedures that followed.

The ceasefire and political negotiations between the Indian government and the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) are nothing but a means to an end which is the “solution”, he said. , while adding that the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) on 3 August 2015 and the Agreed Position signed between GoI and WC, NNPG on 17 November 2017 “shall be the primary basis for the ultimate political solution.

According to the CNT, under the personal patronage of the Prime Minister, all “hurdles and contours” were overcome for the fact that the negotiation processes were completed comprehensively and mutually on October 31, 2019, giving a ray of hope to the Naga people to enjoy real peace instead of pseudo peace in the country.

The TNC also referred to a report tabled by the Indian Government’s Standing Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs in both Houses of Parliament in 2018, which strongly recommended governments to conclude peace talks, at the earliest, on the basis of broad agreement on the most controversial issues. “The Committee also recommends that the government exercise caution on issues sensitive to Nagas and not allow vested interests to hijack narratives of peace (Sic),” he said, citing the Committee’s report.

Resolution of the issue is overdue and it appears that the very recommendations of the parliamentary standing committee are being sidelined, NTC Chairman Toniho Yepthomi and Secretary General Nribemo Ngullie said in the representation.

“There is no ambiguity”
In addition, the NTC also recalled the “public cries against the Nagaland Legislative Assembly election in 2018”, stating that the reason for the popular public demand for the Naga political solution was obvious.

“The citizens of Nagaland were tired of carrying the burden of protracted political negotiations of more than two decades, and people were aware that the election would add miseries to the existing difficulties,” he said.

However, then-General Secretary BJP Ram Madhav, Head of North Eastern States, “reassured the public in Nagaland that ‘election (is) for the solution’, and the public believed that the ruling party would keep its promise that the solution would be accelerated after the election.”Yet five years have passed since 2018 and the people of Nagaland have been left behind. The people of Nagaland are puzzled as to whether the eminent personalities representing national parties took the gullible public for a ride,” he added.

He also reminded the Prime Minister of his first visit to the state of Nagaland on December 1, 2015, during which he conveyed to the general public that the Naga political issue would be resolved “within eighteen months”.
“Since then, we are in the 7th year and the desired solution continues to remain elusive,” he pointed out.

In the meantime, he said that “the recent and high-profile publicity of the pursuit of the NDPP-BJP alliance based on a 40:20 report followed by the reported transport of the required election materials from the ECI to the Nagaland has made the situation murkier.”

To consider the election of the state more important than delivering the citizens from the threat of pseudo-peace under which people have been subjected to unspeakable repressions is nothing but rubbing salt on the wounds , said the CNT.

Similarly, the NTC pointed out that the Nagaland Legislative Assembly since 2003 has been fought with the slogan “Pave the way for Solution”, and that the 60 Nagaland legislators met with their Prime Minister in August 2012, stating that they were “ready to resign for a lasting peace.

Even recently, the Parliamentary Committee on the Naga Political Question (PCoNPI) formed in 2021 had adopted a 5-point resolution on July 9, 2021, relating to the Naga Political Question, and declared that all members of the central committee and the PCoNPI, which includes all legislators and deputies, “have come together under the same banner in accordance with the election manifestos of all political parties and commit to the people that elected members will be ready to lead the way as and when ‘an inclusive, honorable and acceptable solution has been reached.’

Subsequently, the PCoNPI adopted its final 4-point resolution at the July 16, 2022 meeting which would have been submitted to the relevant GoI authorities, he said, while adding that successive resolutions and decisions indicate that ‘”There is no ambiguity and therefore public opinion is now clear to the Government of India that nothing but a solution must come first.

Urging the Prime Minister to have “political will” and to call on the negotiating parties to reach a mutual agreement before the 2023 general elections, the NTC assured that the people are always ready to welcome a solution and ready to defend and to defend a solution “contrary to the voices which could have been raised against the solution by certain anti-solution elements.”

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