Naga political issue: talks between the Center and the NSCN-IM “postponed”

KOHIMA: The long-awaited resumption of the Indo-Naga peace talks between the central government and the NSCN-IM leadership has reportedly been “postponed”.

According to reports, the representative of the Ministry of Interior (MHA) and the leadership of the NSCN-IM will sit for discussions on Wednesday September 21.

The two negotiating sides were due to hold talks on Tuesday (September 20).

However, the reason for the announced “postponement” of the talks is not yet known.

Notably, a team from NSCN-IM arrived in New Delhi after the team agreed to resume peace talks with the Government of India (GoI) recently over the contentious Naga political issue.

The NSCN-IM, however, said it would resume peace talks with the Indian government, only if the talks are based on the framework agreement.

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Notably, the peace talks between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India (GoI) on the political issue of Naga have hit a snag since May this year.

The NSCN-IM has remained firm in its position of a separate Naga flag and constitution.

Meanwhile, reports emerged that the Indian government was planning to incorporate the Naga Constitution – the Yehzabo – into the Indian constitution.

Additionally, reports also claim that the Center has accepted a civil and cultural flag for the Nagas.

The union government has been holding two separate talks with the NSCN-IM since 1997 and the National Naga Political Groups (NNPG) comprising seven organizations since 2017.

The Center signed a Framework Agreement with NSCN-IM on August 3, 2015 and also entered into an Agreed Position with NNPG in December 2017.

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