Nagaland forms unopposed government to solve “political problem of the naga”


In a major political development, the Democratic Nationalist Progressive Party (NDPP), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Naga Popular Front (NPF) came together to form an unopposed government.

The decision was taken in order to achieve a common goal for a speedy and peaceful solution to the “Naga political question”.

By a published notification, he was informed that these political parties contested the election of the Nagaland State Assembly in 2018.

Meanwhile, the NDPP and BJP, which are part of the pre-election alliance known as the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA), formed the government after winning a majority and the NPF took a stand in opposition to the Nagaland State Legislative Assembly.

The political parties have realized that in order to reach a peaceful solution to the “political question of the Naga”, the efforts and sincerity of the elected representatives to reach a settlement of the question of the Naga are “crucial”, and the unity between them must be “essential” to achieve the common goal.

However, the legislative party of the NPF at its meeting resolved the support, thus contributing to the parliamentary committee on the “Naga political question”, and in order to facilitate the peaceful settlement and solution of the problem, unanimously approved the concept of unopposed government with PDA.

The decision to accept the unopposed united government was taken unanimously by the main partners of the PDA, namely – the NDPP and the BJP, including 2 NDPP deputies supporting the PDA government, and the modalities for including the main opposition party, stands for NPF in government.

He further informed that the new government nomenclature will be called Nagaland United Government (NUG).

The following resolution was confirmed by Nagaland CM, Neiphiu Rio via his Twitter account. He wrote: “I am glad that the Progressive Nationalist Democratic Party, the Bharatiya Janata Party Nagaland and the Naga Popular Front have come together to form an unopposed government with a view to achieving our common goal of finding a speedy and peaceful solution to the “Naga political question”. – tweeted by the Nagaland CM.

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