Nagaland Lawmakers Not Responsible for Delay: NDPP Prez on Naga Policy Issue | MorungExpress

Dimapur, August 10 (MExN): The state government and the sixty members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) are not responsible for the delay in resolving the Naga political issue, Democratic National Progressive Party (NDPP) Chairman Chingwang Konyak has claimed. , in a press release to the media in August. ten.

The state government and political parties in Nagaland are not the contending parties. The parties involved are the Government of India (GoI) and the various national Naga labor groups, it added in a statement.

Instead, Chingwang pointed out that as early as the year 1964, after the 1st general election in Nagaland, political parties “have been to work for the solution of Naga’s vexed political problem and to bring the contending parties to the negotiating table and said they would not stay on the path to solving the problem.

The parties also promised in their respective manifestos that “as the agreement for the final solution is signed”, the elected members of the NLA “would pave the way for the implementation of the agreement “, he said.

“Therefore, the question of MPs resigning without such an agreement for a final solution does not arise,” he added.

The NDPP Chairman further noted that the establishment of the State of Nagaland on 1 December 1963 was a clear indication of the Indian government’s will to resolve the Naga political problem and bring about peace and prosperity in Nagaland. Thus, the Naga people were given the power, responsibility and opportunity to govern their own affairs, he said.

Chingwang further recounted how a “responsible and popular government” was formed by the Nagaland Nationalist Organization (NNO) in January 1964 and since then the successive Nagaland State Government has made it its task to lead a responsible government with a firm determination to solve the problem. Naga Political Problem and bring peace and development to Nagaland.

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