New Milford resident says political party is using fear to get votes


Running in a local election takes effort and commitment. I admire all those who raise their hands to make a difference.

I approach every election in search of the best candidate, regardless of the party. I’m doing my best to follow both sides to understand our options.

Those of us on social media have seen a campaign by the Democratic City of New Milford committee over the past month that appears to be aimed at getting people to vote out of fear. Pictures of the national embarrassment of January 6 or Charlottesville became the strategy.

I felt that this campaign was diverting the attention of the candidates. Why use fear rather than amplifying candidates and what they want to accomplish? So I shared my concern, pointing out that the campaign could actually cost votes and reconsider a focus on the city. Rather than consider the comments, I have been deleted and can no longer view the page.

I hope that as a city we can find a way to stop the ever growing division of right against left. It is not about winning “your party”. It’s about selecting the right people, with the right intentions, to make the right decisions we need them to make. I hope those leading this committee will have a chance to pause and reflect, and find a better way forward – a way forward that unites.

The essence of politics is to debate, discuss and disagree, but then come together, collaborate and align on the path forward that is best for those they serve. We have to come back to it.

I wish all applicants good luck and thank them for the effort it takes to make a difference for our city.

Heather pedersen

April walk

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