No better time than now to find a solution to the Indo-Naga political problem: Rio | MorungExpress

Our correspondent
Kohima | February 26

Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said today that with regard to the Indo-Naga political issue, he believed that the opposition and the ruling benches were in agreement that a speedy and honorable political solution was the need of the hour.

Stating that there have been positive developments in the peace process which indicate that the Naga issue has hit the right deals in the national political scenario, the CM made this observation: The Naga political movement has traveled far and long, to across several decades, there’s no better time than now to bring it to its logical conclusion with a solution.

Responding to the request of the Leader of the Opposition to enlighten the House on the initiatives of the PDA government on the Indo-Naga political question, Rio thanked the President, the Leader of the Opposition and all the deputies for the reconstitution of the Forum joint lawmakers on the protracted issue.

“I can say with confidence that the unity we have shown on this issue will send the right signal to all sections of the population,” he said.

He argued that time and again it has been emphasized that unity within the Naga family is the only factor that will truly strengthen the peace process and strengthen the process while ensuring that the parties to the Naga negotiations will draw strength and the confidence to conduct the talks. to its logical conclusion.

“We have maintained a consistent position that we will facilitate the peace process and we support the cry of the people for a solution that is honorable and upholds the political rights of the Nagas in a fair and democratic manner, and that is inclusive and acceptable. to the people,” Rio said.

He also affirmed that the report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs which recommended the speedy finalization of the Naga peace agreement is to be welcomed. “These are very positive developments and it shows that the Naga issue has hit the right chords in the national political scenario,” he added.

He further called on all sections of the Nagas to come together in a spirit of unity and unity to create a conducive atmosphere for the peace process, while also calling on the negotiating parties to listen to the voice of the people and to bring the talks to a conclusion. logical conclusion through a democratic process.

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