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Dimapur, August 2 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee on Monday set out its position on the Naga political issue, the Assam-Mizoram border issue and the rise of communal politics in the country.

The three questions, he said, were crucial elements of the 5-point resolution adopted by the CPC executive committee at its July 30 meeting, according to a statement from the communications department of the NPCC.

On the political issue of the Naga and the impending final settlement, the NPCC said the state government, despite all its supposed concern and enthusiasm for other state political parties, did not bother to consult the NPCC despite the fact that the INC remains the main opposition party. in Parliament. “Congress therefore cannot be blamed if the end result disappoints the aspirations of the people,” he said.

The house also expressed serious concern about the recent clashes at the Assam-Mizoram border and the continuation of the confrontation. He said the Center should take serious note of the volatile situation and take urgent action to defuse the situation. In addition, the economic blockade imposed on Mizoram by different civil society organizations in Assam must be lifted and adequate security must be provided to ensure the uninterrupted flow of commodities, he said, while urging governments States concerned to settle the dispute amicably by understanding the political context / administrative boundaries and traditional boundaries.

In addition, the party noted that “the rise of community politics has created massive unrest across the country with the idea of ​​secularism and liberal democracy constantly under attack.” With the aim of providing a large tent for those who choose to fight and defeat division and communal forces, the house has made the decision to invite all former party men and women to return home and strengthen Congress. which remains the only viable alternative in the face of regional parties abandoning their regional pride and compromising their principles at the feet of the Hindutva forces, according to the statement.

The chamber further reached consensus to revoke all expulsion and suspension orders in the best interests of the Nagaland party and people, he added.


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