NPF the only party working for the political issue of the Naga: TR Zeliang | Morung Express


Kohima, November 23 (MExN): The leader of the legislative wing of the Naga Popular Front, TR Zeliang, today declared categorically that the NPF is the only political party that has really worked and spoken for the political issue of the Naga.

“Many political parties are talking about the political issue of the Naga during the rush hour of the elections, but the NPF principal is purely for the cause of the Naga,” the NPF Press Bureau said, as quoted by him.

Zeliang, who was the guest speaker at the NPF Women’s Central Wing coordination meeting in Kohima on Tuesday, said the NPF party does not just speak out when it comes to the political issue of the Naga. , but that he also manifested it. He pointed out that when the NPF was in power over state affairs, it called on all political parties, including civil societies, and passed a resolution not to hand out party tickets or to run for office. for the 2018 state general election as part of the “pre-election solution”. . “However, the BJP was released the same day, according to the press office statement.

TR Zeliang also highlighted the importance of the role of women in society, saying that only the NPF party truly considers women to have a vital role in creating a better society. Therefore, in 2017, the party government initiated and announced a 33% reserve to local urban bodies, but unfortunately, due to public outcry, this could not materialize, the statement said.

Speaking on the Manipur state elections scheduled for next year, TR Zeliang expressed confidence that the NPF would win more seats and protect the Naga identity as well as the party.

He also called on women to come forward and play their important role in politics to shape a better society, the statement said.

NPF President Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, who also spoke on the occasion, recalled that the NPF party was formed in the midst of blood and tears and with a goal for the Naga people. Now that other political parties are fit for the elections with a vision of power and money, he said the regional NPF is being formed “purely for the best purpose of the Naga people”.

“He recalled that the NPF party is for the vision of the Naga people, belongs to every Naga people, and said that many current leaders who may belong to different political parties could also one day return to the NPF party because this party does not belongs to no one but the Naga people, ”the statement said.

Short speeches were also given by the female wing of Manipur State Unity, Sano Vamuzo, the central adviser of the female wing and the central youth wing, he added.

According to the statement, the coordination meeting brought together female leaders of the Manipur State Unit and the 14 divisional units of Nagaland State. A four-point resolution was also adopted during the meeting in which the NPF Women’s Wing reiterated its support for the leadership of the party chairman, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, and the leader of the NPF legislative party. , TR Zeliang, in order to perpetuate the party’s legacy of “Peace and Development” for the Naga people.

The NPF Women Wing reaffirmed its support for the leadership of its President Yanhola Yimchunger and decided to re-dedicate itself to the party’s vision by becoming a stronger wing. He also decided to fully support the party’s candidates in the upcoming Manipur State Assembly elections in 2022 by actively campaigning and participating in election rallies.

The NPF Women Wing has also decided to increase its current membership of its office from 23 to more and also to reactivate all of its unit levels in Nagaland in preparation for the 2023 general elections to the Assembly of the United Nations. ‘State of Nagaland. It will also visit all of its Nagaland divisional offices ahead of the declaration of the 2023 general election, the statement said.


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