PAGD doesn’t represent the full political spectrum in J&K: Vikram Malhotra

Jammu, November 8: Apni Party General Secretary Vikram Malhotra said political parties came together in People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) because their political survival was threatened.

“They were denounced in front of the people for their double talk in Kashmir and Jammu. They speak differently in the two regions to divide people like the BJP and gain support,” Apni Party General Secretary Vikram Malhotra said.

Malhotra suspected PAGD’s match-fixing with BJP and wondered if their presence in Jammu had created a division among the people then how come BJP let them know about their fiery speeches.

“We want peace to be established at J&K. The regions should not be put to the test again by these political parties who have exploited the people of both regions for their political gains,” Malhotra said. The senior Apni party official was speaking at a reception hosted by Sohan Singh Soni at Gandhi Nagar’s office.

More than 16 people from Jammu West joined the Apni party which. They included Anil Singh Jasrotia, Er KD Singh, Dr Naresh Raina, Sanjay Goswami, Naresh Bakshi, Sanjeev Gupta, Kishori Lal Gupta, Ravinder Sharma, Balbir Singh, Vishal Singh, Vishal Gupta Ji, Karan Singh, Shanker Parshad, Rajan Mangotra, Harsh Kumar and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Provincial Chairman of Apni Party, Manjit Singh welcomed them into the fold of the party and said the people of Jammu have supported the party.

“The confidence that the people in Jammu have shown that they have been left politically orphaned by the leaders who have claimed to be the champion of the cause of Jammu. The cause of Jammu is a divisive agenda and we must oppose it. The discrimination that Jammu has faced over the past seventy years was due to these people. We want an equal share of jobs and development. Apni Party is committed to the same,” said Manjit Singh.

He said the party had a clear program to support the people and redress their grievances. “The policy of division has left both regions suffering and the political leaders who play such policies maintain good relations with each other by pitting the people of two regions against each other.”

He called on people who joined the party to carry the message of peace and development adopted by the Apni party.

He said the Apni party stands with the people of Jammu who have been deprived of everything. “We will not let Jammu suffer from political misrepresentation,” he added.

The ceremony was attended by former MP Ghulam Qadir Wani, SC Bodh State Coordinator Raj Bhagat, OBC State Coordinator Madan Lal Chalotra, Sohan Singh Soni, Vabhav Mattoo, Janmeet Singh Bali, Raj Kumar Lalotra and Joginder Singh.



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