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Editor, News-Register:

Here is an anatomy of a far left liberal democratic socialist agenda research letter to the editor of this newspaper: Richard Hord of Martins Ferry responded here in writing to a letter I had written a week earlier in which I said that I believe that every letter he writes to this editor comes from his “hatred of law”, regardless of his attitude. That he twists and twists every fact/opinion in a way that shows his hatred of people who aren’t as leftist as he is. I’d like to dissect his response letter and show some reasons why I think he’s from the far “far left.”

I’d almost like to applaud the first two paragraphs of Mr. Hord where he tries to lay the groundwork that he takes high morals by espousing that various “opinion/fact based” viewpoints on both sides are encouraged in letters and columns that are published by the highly professional editor of this journal. In fact, I agree with this statement.

Then he brags about his diligent efforts to use only “well-researched and verifiable facts” as he uses his “undisputed and inalienable right” to express his opinions on matters because he is a citizen of this ” great nation” where freedom of speech is “unchallenged”. I dispute that he uses “well-researched and verifiable facts”. The rest I agree.

Then, in the next paragraph, he asks what I think of certain government programs that he says are “generally classified” as “socialist programs” such as SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits and other subsidies. I disagree that these are classified as “socialist” programs, but rather they are just “social” programs. This is where the left must learn and understand the political spectrum. Imagine a 12 inch ruler as the spectrum of politics. On the far left near 1 is communism, where the government controls and owns at least half of everything. Then on the far right near the 12 is Fascism or Nazism where there are no government programs to help the people, it’s every man for himself. No government intervention or regulation on food, health or poverty or any regulation preventing anyone from doing what they want. Just a cop on every corner to make sure you’re not bashing the government. As the number decreases, there is more government assistance and more government regulations which, in turn, can remove certain rights of individuals. Since 6 is “moderate” and seen as the center, it mixes a balance of government programs and control with a balance of individual freedoms.

Basic liberalism is considered close to a 5 while basic conservatism is close to a 7. Each side pulls and pulls political issues in their direction so that hopefully the politics of the day in this great nation stays as close to 6 as possible.

Now, to answer your question about what I think, as a Conservative, of the government programs you mentioned. I have nothing against any of them and consider them all necessary and good as long as they are managed effectively. That’s why I consider myself a 6-1/2 to 7 on the political spectrum. It’s the balance between government programs and control that I think is best for everyone. Most Tories I know and vote for also think the Politics of the Day should be similar, between 6 and 7 and no more. On the other hand, since Socialism is somewhere between a 2 and a 3 on the political spectrum, (Libertarian is 8-9 if you’re curious), I believe based on your published letters to the editor, your socialist beliefs are too far from the left and not good for the country. Being 2-3 takes away too many freedoms that our founding fathers thought we should have, and gives the government too much authority or laws or regulations.

Now you don’t have to wonder what I think of your mentioned government “social programs”. Preservatives are for them if not abused and used effectively. Since we Conservatives are 7 of 12 on the spectrum, we are 5 places away from any regulation or government program.

This is where Mr. Hord slips into the muddy ditch that is the high moral ground he wanted. First, Mr. Hord states that I am entitled to my own opinions, but not my own facts. In my original letter, I never attempted to quote or state anything as factual, except that in my opinion, after reading many letters from Mr. Hord, I believe he is a 2 or a 3 on the political spectrum, which is socialist and 2-3-4 notches left of the “moderate” political center. From his own words, I take him for a socialist. This is my opinion, to which Mr. Hord so graciously said that I was entitled.

Then, at the end of his fourth paragraph, Mr. Hord writes that he wants to know my opinion on “President Trump’s obvious and unbridled affection for communist/socialist leaders around the world, such as Putin in Russia and Kim Jong Un in Korea. North !” This is exactly why I felt the need to explain the above political spectrum to him. He obviously does not distinguish his left from his right. It makes no sense why a conservative would have an “unbridled fondness” for diets that are 1, 2 or 3 on the spectrum. It makes more sense for someone who is already a 2 or a 3 to have this affection for people who are already a 2 or a 3.

You can call conservatives many names and accuse them of many things that can be twisted, twisted, turned, and misinterpreted to some percentage of the truth, but you can’t intelligently claim that conservatives are friends or economic allies. communism/socialism. This means that farmers can simply milk their bulls when their dairy cows run out, if they need more milk.

Paragraph 5: Mr. Hord states “as the author (that is me) refers to the lie, which is never acceptable”, he goes on to say that our President has made more than “20,000 documented false statements , also known as the lies during his presidency to this day, which is surely more than all the lies of every other elected official in OUR NATION’S HISTORY — COMBINED!” Yes, he really did write that.

First of all, he has no way of knowing. Does Mr. Hord have any documented data or any proof of this statement? Recall that he stated in his letter that, “In my writings, I feel that I am always diligent in my efforts to include only well-researched and verifiable facts.” In my limited research I have only seen the Huffington Post, The Washington Post and MSNBC attempt to stretch the facts this far and portray them as true. And all of them are known to hate conservatives. All of their reports are 95% negative on all Republican members of Congress and the President. Tell me, Mr. Hord, one true outright lie that President Trump has told – just one. You shouldn’t have a problem since he said 20,000 in about three years. I could spend all day on Youtube watching liberals lie between their teeth and in person.

Paragraph 6 of his letter: Mr. Hord said: “I would like to remind the author (it’s me again) that our current President, for the vast majority of his long life, was a Democrat, then became an Independent, and conveniently became a conservative Republican for his presidential run. I would like to remind Mr. Hord that many people, especially in WEST VIRGINIA, have done the same thing. The Democrats are no longer a “5”. Their leaders lead them to socialism, which is a 2-3. The people of WEST VIRGINIA didn’t quit the Democratic Party, nor did President Trump – the Democratic Party quit them!

In the same paragraph, Hord wrote that President Trump presided over and is largely responsible for the largest national debt the country has incurred. In 1995 or thereabouts, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives for the first time in nearly 50 years. I believe this is the third bill they have introduced that would create an amendment to the Constitution that would state that the government should always live with a balanced budget. This amendment passed in the Republican-led House, but fell short of the two-thirds requirement for amendments. The Democratic-controlled Senate was never going to pass it anyway. Now, Mr. Hord wants to blame the deficits on the Republicans? We all know that Democrats like deficits and Republicans don’t.

Paragraph #8: Mr. Hord compares George W. Bush uniting the country after 9/11 to President Trump dividing the country, and using his daily briefings as “self-aggrandizing political rallies.” Again, the Democratic Party left the center of the political spectrum and moved far left towards socialism. Don’t blame Trump for the division. Being conservative at 7 and liberal at 5 was a good argument. Now it’s the Conservatives at 7 and the Socialists at 2-3. This is what divides this country!

In paragraph 9, he accuses me of “insulting” to avoid being intellectual. I only called him a far-left liberal socialist and a half-truth liberal who twists and turns and twists the truth to his advantage when he feels like bashing anyone who disagrees with his political philosophy far left. I would like the newspaper to include this in its poll question of the day. I bet my percentage of giving you that truthful nickname would be overwhelming.

In his conclusion, he asks, “Why can’t we disagree without being disagreeable?” ” Is it possible? The title of his letter was “agreeing to disagree”. (maybe that wasn’t his title, to be fair)

I think our back and forth conversations can best be described as “you hear what I say”, but the problem is “I don’t say what you hear”.

I would like to see you write a letter that talks about the virtues and goodness of becoming a socialist society instead of always writing negative letters about those who disagree.

Thank you too and have a nice day

Tom Standiford

New Martinsville

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