Prime Minister Modi keen to resolve the political issue of the Naga


The previous government at the Center had maintained the Naga negotiations, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eager to resolve the Naga political issue (NPI) and launched the framework agreement, the Minister of State for Business said on Tuesday. Foreign Affairs and Education Union, Rajkumar Ranjan Singh. . Singh was on an inaugural visit to Nagaland as part of the “Jan Ashirwad Yatra” initiated by the Prime Minister for newly inducted Union ministers.

“Prime Minister Modi is eager to resolve the Naga issue. After being sworn in as prime minister (in 2014), he targeted a quick solution to the Naga problem and initiated the signing of the framework agreement (in 2015 with the NSCN-IM), “he said.

The Prime Minister looks forward to concluding the agreement with a positive result, said the Union Minister and hopes that the framework agreement will bring comprehensive peace to the region and in particular to Nagaland.

Singh, who on Monday met with different sections of the state’s Naga population and organizations in Dimapur and Kohima districts, said they all wanted a quick solution to the Naga political problem. “This is their point of view and their aspiration and I will carry the message to the highest authorities in Delhi,” he said.

Singh called the influx of illegal immigrants, especially from Bangladesh, into the northeast region as a “very critical problem” since the country’s independence and partisan days.

The influx of illegal immigrants is taking place because the indigenous peoples of the region are not vigilant and do not care despite its impact on the political and economic spheres of the region. In addition, the international border in the region was porous before the BJP came to power in the Center, he said.

Stating that the influx has a huge impact on the social demographics of the region, he urged people to be vigilant to stop illegal immigration.

On the decision of the state political parties of a multi-party government in Nagaland for a solution to the political issue of the Naga, Singh said, in a democratic system, the opposition plays the role of watchdog.

“It is good if all (the parties) are together to inaugurate development quickly, but normally the opposition should remain active in order to maintain the checks and balances and also serve the interest of the people,” he said. declared.

Describing the Prime Minister’s ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ as a familiarization campaign for newly inducted Union ministers, he said the Modi government is for good governance.

The Prime Minister called on Union ministers to travel to the states to meet with the people and seek their blessings and opinion in the development process.

Singh said that the induction of deputies from the northeast into the Union’s cabinet shows that Modi has a special interest in its development as an ambitious region of the country.

“Modiji maintained that without the development and connectivity of the region, the country cannot develop. He has transformed the landlocked region into a land-linked region,” Singh said.

The Union Minister who arrived in Nagaland on Monday met with various religious and minority groups as well as the general population of the state in order to strengthen coordination and trust between the Center and the state.

In the region’s economic development, Singh said Resident Commissioners from the eight states in northeast Delhi have been urged to look for ways to connect with foreign countries for direct funding for natural resource exploration so that states benefit economically.

The Center, he said, will activate the Act East policy after the COVID-19 pandemic and if people in the region are not alert and well equipped, they will not be able to directly benefit from the policy.

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