Ra’am’s Abbas says Bennett’s coalition unites opposing sides of political spectrum

The leader of the Islamist Ra’am party, Mansour Abbas, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition was a successful experiment that brought together opposing sides of the political spectrum.

“We have formed a very special government,” Abbas told a lecture at Reichman University.

“Our challenge is to bring stability to the political system and to remain part of the coalition and the government,” he said.

“Although I heard a member of Bennett’s party say the experiment failed, but I believe he was wrong.”

The Bennett ally and Yamina party member spoke of the failed experiment immediately after the opposition blocked government legislation to renew regulations that extend Israeli law to the West Bank settlements.

“The government is special not only because it includes an Arab party alongside Zionist parties, but also because it is able to operate and strike deals on all sectors of Israeli society, including Arabs. , with left and right parties,” he said.

“Our parties are able to work together although some members find it difficult to do so,” Abbas said.

Ra’am member Mazen Ghanaim was one of two Arab coalition lawmakers who joined the opposition to foil the bill.

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מליאת הכנסת

Mazen Ghanaim (center) after voting against his coalition on the West Bank Bill

(Photo: Knesset Spokesperson )

After former Yamina coalition whip, Knesset member Idit Silman, announced she was move its support to the opposition in April, the coalition had lost its parliamentary majority and was struggling to advance its legislation.
According to coalition agreement on which the government rests, in the event of the fall of the government, the interim chief of staff will be on the opposite side.

If the government fell because Arab lawmakers blocked legislation with the help of the right-wing opposition, Bennett would lead the caretaker government, but if a right-wing coalition member brought him down, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid would take the reins and serve as prime minister until a new government was formed.

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