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Rejects claims on Ntangki, Nagaland’s post-solution status

Kohima, June 5 (MExN): United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Chairman Nagaland TR Zeliang today called on “all well-meaning Naga leaders to refrain from making statements based on personal speculation on the Indo-Naga political issue in the public domain “.

In particular, he noted that “surface Naga rulers who take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of India should refrain from making vague remarks about it”.

Zeliang, who is also the former chief minister of the state, said “various and varied debates” on issues surrounding the Indo-Naga political issue, both in the print media and on social media, have ” resulted in misunderstandings and confusion regarding the Naga political solution”. .”

Accordingly, he made the call as Chairman of the UDA Government in Nagaland,

In a statement, Zeliang said he accepted that “everyone, including legislators and public leaders, has the right to speak out for the common welfare of the Naga people”, but also maintained that the scenario was a bit different from other negotiations.

“It must be remembered that unlike in the 1960s when underground groups were part of the negotiation, it is the Naga nationalist groups that are part of the negotiation today,” he added.

“In 1960, negotiations took place between the Government of India (GoI) and the Naga and the 16-point agreement was executed between the two parties without the consent of the Naga Undivided National Council (NNC),” he said. -he declares.

“As such, the armed conflict has continued until today,” he added, implying that any agreement without all Naga political groups is inconclusive.

“Therefore, the current government’s perception of the UDA is geared towards inclusiveness – meaning that all Naga nationalist groups should be part of the long-awaited peace agreement so as not to repeat the same mistake of the past. “, he added.

To this end, the UDA Chairman asserted that any unwarranted statements made by Naga leaders “outside the parameters of the ongoing negotiation” between the Naga negotiating groups and the GoI would “mislead the Naga people before the draft agreement is formulated by the Government of India and placed before the Naga leaders.

It is important to appreciate the sincere efforts made by the negotiating parties on both sides to reach an amicable settlement of the Naga political issue, he added.

Dismiss speculation
Zeliang also ruled out any agreement signed secretly without the knowledge of the population.

“It should not be believed that such a complex and sensitive issue will be secretly inked and imposed on our people,” he said.

“As the Naga people wish, we have confidence and believe that once the negotiating parties reach common ground, they will surely consult with all the tribal leaders at the top and the state government before signing. the final deal,” he added.

The UDA chairman further noted that it is widely understood that the two sides have agreed on most jurisdictions and come to a meeting point, and therefore it was “premature to conclude that some of the issues keys that the Naga people yearn for will not be included in the deal.

Among other things, he pointed out that there has been “speculation that after the solution, the current state of Nagaland will cease to exist.”

“This, as we understand, is absolutely false,” he claimed.

Furthermore, the assumption that “Ntangki National Park will be deforested” by the Indian government and allocated to Naga nationalist workers for resettlement is also “outside the bargaining zone”, he added.

It has been confirmed on both sides that such a request has never been made to the Indian government by either of the negotiating groups, he said.

Calling it a total “work of fiction”, Zeliang argued that even if such a request were to arise in the near future, the Indian government would “never agree to such a proposal, as the Indian representative of the talks informed us. of peace”.

Lawmakers’ demand for resignation “unjustified”
Meanwhile, Zeliang said that while Nagaland’s 60 MPs are “committed to paving the way for a smooth transition” as a final settlement is reached, the demand for “resignation of democratically elected members to this stage by individuals and certain sections of the Society is final. -for.”

“Every Naga leader has the right to offer his suggestions and advice, but these should not be shaped by the desire to impact the political scenario of the state and at the expense of the Naga political issue“, did he declare.

In this context, the current UDA government has requested all Naga organizations and Naga leaders to avoid issuing public statements “based on speculation and hearsay, as this will confuse and mislead the people. Naga” at a crucial time when the Indo-Naga peace talks are on the “threshold of a final breakthrough”.

“Things are moving with positivity”
Since its formation, the UDA government under Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio had begun to work more vigorously towards a Naga political solution by consulting with the negotiating parties and central leaders like the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, he added.

“Currently things are moving with positivity,” he added,

The state government also conveyed the sentiments of the Naga negotiating groups to the central leadership that the GoI should not change its position from what had been “committed to the Naga in writing by RN Ravi or AK Mishra “because both represent the latter, albeit in different times,” Zeliang informed.

He further advised the Naga negotiating groups and the GoI that the two sides “should not go back on what has been promised to each other, in writing or verbally, over the past 25 years, in order that the Naga people can expect the talks to be successful”. come to a logical conclusion as soon as possible.

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