Religions for Responsible Governance affirms solidarity in demanding political change and transparency

Religions for Accountable Governance (RRG) said in a statement yesterday that they stand in solidarity with the growing number of people demanding political change and transparency, with an end to the immense economic hardship and suffering people are facing. faced daily.

“We agree that the president, who must bear the ultimate responsibility for the current debacle, should step down with his government, paving the way for an interim administration; and call for an immediate change in our corrupt and incompetent political culture. This process of change must include a return to the 19th Amendment and the abolition of the executive presidency,” the statement read.

The RRG firmly believes that future parliamentarians will no longer be allowed to serve their own selfish interests. They will be held accountable, because the people are fed up with their lies, arrogance and power games that have plunged the country into crisis after crisis. If we are able to find lawmakers with integrity who will serve the needs and interests of the people and who will not seek political advantage, this crisis can be reversed to bring economic stability and a dignified quality of life for all, starting with the most vulnerable among us.

The RRG also deeply appreciates that the current grassroots protest movement has risen above narrow ethnic and religious agendas, with the potential to unite all Sri Lankans. He converted a set of passive political supporters into active citizens, which is the need of the hour. As part of this process, citizens as well as all our political parties and religions are called upon to change their divisive and sectarian attitudes. It has been the scourge of our national life for decades.

The RRG also demands that people’s struggles be free from violence. All demonstrations must be peaceful and members of the police and armed forces must exercise restraint. Their duty is to maintain law and order, protect citizens and ensure lawful demonstrations. As a nation, we have bitter memories of three armed struggles and repeated political violence that caused immense suffering, death and destruction. Our beloved nation cannot take any more.

However, shooting unarmed protesters with live ammunition, which killed one and injured more than 20 protesters as happened in Rambukkana, is against all basic norms. We condemn this action for which the government must take responsibility.

It is also a timely opportunity for all Sri Lankans; citizens and legislators, to engage in introspection. We need to reflect on our values ​​and our behavior and accept our share of responsibility that has led to the unprecedented crises we face today.

The RRG hopes that the momentum of today’s grassroots movement and timely constitutional changes will transform our nation into a truly just and reconciled society in which all communities are equal and free.

Signed by

Galkande Dhammananda Thero

Bishop Duleep de Chickera

Rev. Fernando Christmas

Swami Gunatitananda Saraswathi

Ash Sheikh SHM Faleel

Ash Sheikh M. Abdullah

Ash Sheikh MMM Muneer

Sister Rasika Peiris

Diyakaduwe Somananda Thero

Emeritus Professor Hemantha Senanayake

Dr. Tara de Mel

Harsha Gunasena

Condred Dilshan Fernando

K.V. Kamal

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