SAM launches into Texas in hopes of becoming a 3rd political party


On Monday, SAM applied to the state to become a political party.

HOUSTON, Texas – More Americans identify as independent voters than those who align with the Republican or Democratic parties.

This is according to a recent survey which reveals that more than 40% are moderates.

On Monday, SAM applied to the state to become a political party. Texas joins Connecticut and Pennsylvania as states where the movement also hopes to gain a foothold as a party.

“If you’re left, right, middle, we want the best ideas. We celebrate this diversity,” said SAM National President David Jolly. “A lot of people, their politics are all over the left-right spectrum, and what SAM has done very differently, the Save America movement, is we’re a real big tent party.”

Former Houston mayoral candidate and longtime political activist Bill King is the founding president of SAM in Texas. He said the time has come for a party that prioritizes process over politics.

“I have been concerned about our policy for a long time,” King told ABC13. “We have big problems. Immigration, the national debt, the environment, all kinds of things that we need to fix and we just ignore them.”

The movement began in 2017 after the 2016 presidential race between former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Its traction, so far, is modest. SAM has around 20,000 followers nationwide, but they are hoping the timing will work in their favor, especially after the Division 2020 campaign and its aftermath. seen through the January 6 insurgency in the United States

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The party hopes that its message resonates and that moderates already inclined to avoid political affiliation will join them before the mid-terms of 2022.

This new political party is not based on an ideology but rather on a process. They want to change the system and fix the problems. But is this really possible in what is effectively a two-party system?

“It’s extraordinarily rare for a third-party candidate to break through in a major race,” said Rick Klein, political director of ABC News. However, he added that it was not entirely impossible. Perhaps the time has come for SAM to attract a real coalition.

“The bottom line is that the pieces are in place for someone to start a fire with the anxiety around both sides,” Klein said. “Both parties have moved away from the mainstream of America.”

What’s next for SAM in Texas? The objective is to obtain 80,000 signatures so that candidates can present themselves under the SAM banner in less than 17 months. The group is optimistic.

“This is not a party that tries to define itself by ideology,” King said, “this is what our two current parties are doing”.

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