Shaina NC: The BJP thinks it’s not a political issue; I’m sorry for Aryan Khan because you have to have a reformist approach, he’s not a hardened criminal – Exclusive! | Hindi movie news



Indian politician, fashion designer and member of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Shaina NC recently made headlines when she lent her support to the area director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Sameer Wankhede, after that allegations of corruption had been brought against him. ETimes reached out to Shaina to ask for her opinion on the ongoing Aryan Khan case.

Speaking about the involvement of Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Shaina said, “This is not Aryan Khan. It’s about getting rid of the drug threat in society in terms of the supply chain and that’s the job of the BCN ”. As before, she offered her full support on the NCB’s eve against the drug threat and added: “The NCB must eliminate the real culprits, the peddlers and the vendors who are trying to destabilize the youth of the country.

Shaina was also quick to point out that the BCN was not there to vilify anyone. She said: “When it comes to young people, I think we need to take a reformist approach, but not stigmatize them. We must, at the same time, try to get rid of the root cause ”. We asked him about the many political allegations made by National Congress Party (NCP) leader Nawab Malik against Wankhede and the NCB investigation and Shaina pointed out, “Look at Sameer Wankhede’s track record … no case of corruption no case of embezzlement. The NCP has made it an “NCP v NCB” case, which is unfair. She added: “The police are demoralized when they do their job; calling him Sameer Dawood Wankhede, a parrot from BJP and that they will put him behind bars in a month … all of these statements get away from the root of the matter. And the central problem is that the case is brought to justice; you, me or no one can form judgments.

Many fans and followers have expressed the opinion that the NCB drug case has become highly publicized because SRK’s son is involved. Speaking of this, Shaina said, “Whether the matter has become important because Aryan Khan is the son of Shah Rukh Khan is a moot question. The point is, the case is pending and who are we to decide anything? But she adds that the situation is far from favorable to the young man. She said: “I’m sorry for him because you have to have a reformist approach. He’s not a hardened criminal. Either way, being a point of view, the BJP thinks it’s not a political issue, it’s more of a societal stigma, but there has to be fear of the law for everyone. That is why let the law take its course.

There is also a contrasting perception that the film industry and its supporters believe that Wankhede and the NCB are targeting Bollywood celebrities. To this, Shaina said, “I don’t think anyone wants to target either. As I said, it has become a political fight. Even the witness in the case comes on social networks, ideally he should first have his prayer in court ”.


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