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A number of political parties in Georgia have funny names, a far cry from the traditional way of referring to a political entity. On the one hand, it’s a bit funny, but it also symbolizes the strangeness of political behavior in this country. Our political map has been mixed up since the fall of socialism here. Literally hundreds of social movements have officially registered as political parties, claiming their say in the life of the Republic. No one knows how much good they have done for the Georgian people, and most of them have certainly never been held accountable for their political activities.

A history of this multitude in the political arena should be marked with memorable episodes of their (unnecessary) fight to seize the rudder of the nation, but it seems they have lacked their political compass in most cases. Weakened by communist ideology and paralyzed by socialist ways of doing business, the Soviet people could not immediately suggest optimal ways to cope with the new era of development brought about by the fall of the communist regime and the advent of capitalism. hence the overwhelming desire among the people of the day to enter politics in search of a better life, instead of dealing with the failing economy. For them, the newly introduced Western democracy was a set of wacky political principles, founded on liberalism: rule of law, separation of powers, open society, market economy, private property, human rights, civil liberties, political freedoms. , social contract, constitutionality, etc. The political philosophy based on these principles is called liberal democracy, which could hardly have made sense at this point in time. And those who had spent seventy years patiently waiting for communism could not even suspect that liberal democracy would become the most enduring and mundane political system in the world today.

Sakartvelo is one of the main countries on the planet which has been made an experimental place to play with liberal democracy as the best way for the nation to reach new heights of modern development. Did it work? Partially. But for its advancement to full maturity, we need to have a fully mature political spectrum in the country, including reasonable constructive opposition at any stage of multi-party politics in the country, not the odd group. aspiring politicians who chronically doubt the results of elections, however fair and transparent they may be; all the more so if they did not succeed in getting elected.

One of the reasons this “immaturity” is seen so often here is that the rules of the game used to build a healthy political environment in the country are blatantly unfair. Unfair meaning that the interaction between the political powers of the spectrum is not based on the idea of ​​maximizing the benefit of the nation, but on the small desire for survival and the pursuit of their partisan goals.

At least, this is the thought that has forged itself in my analytical consciousness over the past thirty years by observing the national political process. Take, for example. the reactionary stance in the current power struggle of the “old regime” which is so thirsty for revenge that any means possible in their hands seems good enough to justify the cherished end. And one of their cherished ends is revolution, underpinned by a radical opposition attitude that totally ignores the traditional left-right dimensions of political controversy and relies only on self-adopted infallibility.

In conclusion, I would like to corroborate the apprehension suggested of the situation by the fact of the refusal of the legally and popularly elected political parties to use their mandates for the genesis of a practicable political dialogue in favor of their constituents in the precincts of the Parliament of the Republic. body. Instead, our political rebels want to continue their futile act on the streets of Georgia. Thank God, among them we see supporters of syncretism in politics, preferring neutrality and pursuing the goal of reconciliation between rival powers.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

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February 11, 2021 8:10 PM

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