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APARTMENT Offer 2022

APARTMENT Offer 2022

APARTMENT Offer 2022

TORONTO, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Affordable housing was defined all too well by political parties in recent elections. With the municipal elections coming up in 2022, Derek Lobo, CEO of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., believes it is essential not to waste any more time talking about this problem, solutions are needed now and are readily available.

Lobo has advised the apartment industry for decades and believes city mayors will listen better than federal politicians when it comes to resolving the supply of apartments. he offers all Canadian mayors are the solution to what Trudeau, O’Toole, Singh and others have talked about at length during their campaigns – the difference being that it is achievable now.

“Accessible housing, often referred to as ‘affordable’ housing, is a local issue, not a federal issue; the responsibility lies with the mayor’s office, not the prime minister’s office. The solution, quite simply, are apartments built for this purpose. It is time for city officials to seize the problem and act, ”Mr. Lobo said.

Rather than wait and see what happens over time, Mr. Lobo invites all Mayors and their staff to attend, in person or virtually, an upcoming event focused on resolving the supply of apartments in Canada, on a permanent basis. “This event will bring together leading apartment industry experts and builders with a full focus on affordable housing and new apartment development. The timing is right, the right people are coming together and the time to act is now. ! ” describes Mr. Lobo.

The event includes discussions and presentations from industry experts at the Royal Military Institute of Canada in Toronto, October 28-29; details are available at RockAdvisorsInc.com.

Mr. Lobo’s invitation to Canadian Mayors simply requires an RSVP (contact Mr. Lobo’s office directly at [email protected], 905-320-7672, or 416-819-0094 (Kelly)).

“Removing legislative barriers and encouraging apartment development is essential for a quick solution,” Lobo said. His voice is a voice of conviction, so much so that he has spent most of the last two years writing a significant number of books to support the solution to the supply of apartments in Canada. His latest book, A Step-by-step Guide to Affordable Housing in Canada, is about to be published.

“The issue of apartment supply will certainly be on the agenda when the municipal elections come to the fore in 2022, so I expect our mayors will take an interest in what the housing industry is doing. ‘apartment,’ Lobo said with a sense of certainty. “If the mayors want to be re-elected next year, they should get down to work to resolve the apartment supply issue.”

Derek Lobo is the CEO and broker of record of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., specializing in apartment intelligence and leadership. With over 35 years of relationships, knowledge, expertise and business strategy, SVN Rock Advisors specializes in the multi-residential sector (apartments, affordable housing, student housing and intergenerational family real estate). They offer the Apartment Development FULL Service Experience ™ which covers the entire development project schedule of its clients.

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