Trying political change in Kerala: Sabu M Jacob – The New Indian Express


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Do you think Twenty20 will be able to influence voters across Kunnathunadu constituency?

We earn people’s trust. We do not influence voters by making big promises. We want people to believe in us and vote for change.

There is a strong rumor that Twenty20 fielded candidates to disrupt the UDF candidates’ chances of victory, especially in Kunnathunadu. Your answer?

We are challenging all other political parties. Our voters are neutral. As we argue in the strongholds of the UDF, a few are spreading baseless allegations.

A plan for a statewide campaign and scale-up like the AAP?

We are not for power, money or position. If people want us, we are there for them. We are trying to bring about political change.

Where does Twenty20 find funds to set up and operate supermarkets, similar to the one in Kizhakkambalam, in other places?

Operating a food security supermarket similar to the one in Kizhakkambalam does not require huge funds. Our supermarket is not for profit. We source directly from producers and sell them without adding any other input costs to people.

If it is a suspended assembly, what facade does the Twenty20 plan to support?

We are ready to offer conditional support to a front to form the government. We will not be part of the government and will not take any favors. We will do it just to avoid another expensive election.

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