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Neiba Kronu addressing the 16th Pfutsero A/C NDPP General Board Members Meeting on July 14 in Pfutsero. (Photo Morung)

16th Meeting of Pfutsero A/C NDPP General Board Members Held

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Pfutsero | July 14th

The 16th Assembly Constituency of Pfutsero Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) today held its general assembly of all its unit voters, area and central office officials at TT Stadium, Pfutsero in the district from Phek.

Addressing the meeting, Nagaland’s Minister for Planning and Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs, Neiba Kronu, said that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government under the Chief Ministry of Neiphiu Rio was working seriously for the Naga political issue because all Naga want a solution.

He said the government had asked peace talks negotiators to find a quick solution.
The 60 members and two deputies of the Parliamentary Committee on the Naga Political Question will meet again on July 16 at the State Banquet Hall, Kohima.

During the meeting, the central committee will brief the members on the initiatives taken so far, Kronu said.
The parliamentary committee is serious about a quick solution as the Nagas want, he said.

Stating that the dialogue has already lasted 25 years and that it has been too long, he said that the current government, through the parliamentary committee on the Naga political issue, was pressuring the negotiators for a quick solution.

“We will obtain an absolute majority in the next elections”
Addressing the upcoming state assembly elections, Kronu said that even in the next term Rio will continue to be the chief minister of the state due to which the NPF lawmakers merged with the NDPP.

“We (the NDPP) will get an absolute majority in the next elections,” he said.

“In a democratic setup, the chief minister is the highest leader and therefore Rio being from the NDPP, we should be proud and continue to strengthen it,” Kronu said.

Trust the leadership of Neiphiu Rio. We will form the government again, said Kronu, a third provincial deputy from the 16th Pfutsero A/C.

He said that as the National Assembly elections approach, different political parties will release their respective manifestos and assurances.

In this, he called on party workers to be practical and to remain loyal to the NDPP party.

Kronu said he had done his best to bring overall development within the Pfutsero Assembly constituency in particular and Phek district in general, although he was the only minister in the district.

In the meantime, he launched a fervent appeal to the inhabitants of the constituency to help him pass the next elections to the National Assembly.

16th Pfutsero A/C NDPP pledges the highest allegiance to the NDPP party
The meeting unambiguously declared full confidence in the leadership of NDPP Chairman Chingwang Konyak and Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio.

He also recommended and unanimously decided to support Neiba Kronu as a candidate in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The 16th A/C NDPP, Pfutsero also pledged his utmost allegiance to the NDPP party and its constitution to work wholeheartedly for the success, growth and expansion of the party.

Earlier, top NDPP leader K. Puro called on party workers to stick to the party’s ideology and principles and work in unison to expand the party.

He also called on the people to support Neiba Kronu and get him re-elected in the next National Assembly elections in 2023 for comprehensive development.

Merhaso Pfiino, Chairman of Phek Region Youth NDPP also spoke at the meeting and called on the party workers to strengthen the leadership of Neiba Kronu and access the fruits of development. The program was chaired by Dingulo Khutsoh, President of the 16th Pfutsero A/C NDPP.

The 16th Vice President of the Pfutsero A/C NDPP, Nerayi Thuluo, gave a welcoming speech. Velhoukhro Venuh & Akulhi Khupfu from Sweven presented a special number.

16th Pfutsero A/C NDPP Secretary General Kevisanyu Marhu shared the attendance report while the resolution passed at the meeting was announced by Setso Puro, Organizer, Resolution Committee.

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