UWP provides support for government vaccination campaign; it’s not a political question says Linton


United Workers Party (UWP) and parliamentary opposition leader Lennox Linton said his party was ready to join the government of Dominica in promoting vaccination as an effective way to fight COVID-19.

In a recent statement, Linton lamented the slowness with which Dominica was moving towards collective immunity, suggesting that at current rates it would take more than two years to meet the government’s target of 47,800 Dominicans vaccinated.

“Think about what we’ve been through over the past year; think about what the rest of the world has been through in the past year and think about what is likely to happen to us if we don’t update ourselves with the key tool that medical science offers us to defend against COVID in no time at all, ”said the Leader of the Opposition. “There is a need to have proper engagement with the people of Dominica on this importance of vaccinations and we in the United Workers Party stand ready to join the government in this public education campaign that will bring more people to the table. need for vaccination as a defense against COVID-19 virus.

To support his call for a more aggressive approach to getting Dominicans vaccinated, Linton pointed out that to date, about 2.8 billion or 35.9% of the world’s population are fully vaccinated, 1.4 billion (70%) of the Chinese population have taken the vaccine, and 188 million -57% – of the US population have been vaccinated.

As of October 18, 2021, 22,871 of Dominica’s residents ((about 31%) had been fully immunized.

“The issue of vaccination is not just for us in Dominica. The history of vaccination around the world tells us what is happening in terms of how people are responding to the threat this virus poses and the dislocations and hardships the virus has caused since the virus first emerged in the early days of the world. ‘last year,’ he noted. .

Although he has expressed support for freedom of choice in taking the vaccine, Linton has always maintained that he is not against the vaccination, getting the vaccine himself. He reminded the audience that he and his family are fully vaccinated.

“All my life I have trusted medical science for the remedies I needed for any illnesses that have occurred. I put the vaccination that emerged in response to this Covid-19 crisis as another gift of medical science, and therefore I am vaccinated, my family is vaccinated, ”he said.

In publicly announcing his party’s alignment with government efforts to immunize the population, the opposition leader made it clear that the UWP had never considered immunization as “a political thing and [it] should not be treated as such.

“And we have been very careful over the past year not to provoke any politicization of the strategies that are necessary for us to deal with this public health crisis,” Linton said. “It’s time for us to come together and speak to the people of Dominica in a well-organized public education campaign that uses the power of persuasion based on our cultural norms and the way we have lived to do understand how important this is. and how important responsibility is to individuals in Dominica ”

Describing the pandemic as a public health crisis, Linton said the UWP is encouraging the Dominican population to get vaccinated and follow protocols.

“This is a public health crisis and it forces us, the members of the public, to be responsible and to play our part and this is what I want to encourage us the people of Dominica to do”, a- he declared.

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