Uzbek political party proposes to ban Chinese TikTok

02 February 2022 16:13 STI

Tashkent [Uzbekistan]Feb. 2 (ANI): The Adolat Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan called on Wednesday for a total ban on Chinese video-sharing social network TikTok, accusing it of doing more harm than good.
“It is necessary to strengthen criminal liability measures, to completely block mobile applications on the Internet, which do more harm than good, such as TikTok,” Sputnik news agency quoted a party statement as saying.
The party also said that despite existing connectivity restrictions in the country, TikTokers have the ability to access the network using VPN apps, and that “this issue should be looked into.”

The move follows a high-profile case involving an underage TikTok user who filmed himself kicking an elderly man in the city of Samarkand last week, according to the news agency.
Last month, a Pakistani court issued a written order to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to ban “immoral content” shared on TikTok.
According to the report presented by PTA, it blocked 28.9 million videos from the app, while 1.4 million accounts are blocked for sharing unethical content, Geo News reported.
The first time TikTok was banned in Pakistan was in October 2020. However, the ban was lifted 10 days later after the company assured it would block accounts “spreading obscenity”. (ANI)

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