Visible political change in Pakistan against the fragile government of Imran Khan

Political change is visible in Pakistan with Defense Minister Pervez Khattak’s sudden outburst against Federal Minister Hammad Azhar and Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) parliamentary party meeting. Pervez Khattak could pose a potential threat to House Leader and Prime Minister Imran Khan in the near future as he has the backing of 80 lower house lawmakers for change in the chamber, according to the Nation.

Additionally, Pervez Khattak denied any difference; a day after his mysterious absence from the National Security Policy launch bolstered reports of serious fissures within the ruling party. If the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the Pakistan People’s Party are unable to forge unity to propose a no-confidence motion, Pervez Khattak will step forward and take his loyal MPs with him by forming an advanced bloc that would pose the greatest challenge to the survival. of Imran Khan Khan in parliament, according to The Nation.

Imran Khan is also gradually losing the support of his allies in parliament. At the parliamentary party meeting, the allies also complained about the mini-budget and asked the prime minister to review it. The winds of change are not limited to Islamabad and reach Karachi and Peshawar in no time. Other voices such as Noor Alam Khan are reportedly appearing in both houses of parliament, making it clear that MPs want their party’s house leader changed, according to the Nation. (ANI)

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